Fuzzy Feedforward and Feedback Supervisory Control for the Steam Generator at a Fossil Plant

D.A. Suárez Cerda and O. Maturano Salazar (Mexico)


Fuzzy Logic, supervisory control, steam generator, fossil power plant.


This paper presents a fuzzy feedforward and feedback su pervisory control for the steam generator at a fossil power plant. A control algorithm calculates the fuel flow that should be applied in order to closely track a temperature reference. However, the application of this control is not made automatically in the plant. Instead, the calculated fuel flow value is presented to the human operator as a rec ommendation. The control scheme is composed of three fuzzy inference systems. Each component performs a con trol function whose goal is to track a segment of the drum water temperature reference. Each component also imple ments feedforward actions to compensate for the effects of disturbances and changes of load occurring in the process. Other fuzzy rules were also added to cope with the situa tion in which the human operator does not apply the control recommendations for a long time. The control was success fully tested on a full-scale simulator whose behavior is very close to a real fossil power plant.

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