Neural-Predictive Control based Speed and Flux Tracking in Induction Motor Drives

A. Merabet, M. Ouhrouche, R.-T. Bui, and H. Ezzaidi (Canada)


Induction Motor Control, Neural Networks, Predictive Control.


In this paper, the authors present a novel method for speed and flux tracking for high performance control of an induction motor. The proposed method: called neural-predictive control (NPC) uses a combination of artificial neural networks (ANN) and predictive control (PC) technique. The NPC algorithm is based on the use of ANN as a nonlinear prediction model of the motor. The outputs of this network are the future values of the controlled variables needed by the optimization procedure, which is achieved by minimizing the performance index with the reference model using the Newton-Raphson method. Simulation results obtained using Matlab software package show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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