Intelligent Systems and Control    (ISC 2006)

August 14 – 16, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): V.L. Syrmos
220 pages
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Track Adaptive and Robust Control FreeSubscription
536-032 Effect of Control Constraints on Control Policy Determined by Pole Shifting
B. Liao and R. Luus (Canada)
536-040 Identifiability in Training Neural Networks for Reconfigurable Control based on Reinforcement Learning
E. de Weerdt, Q.P. Chu, and J.A. Mulder (The Netherlands)
536-095 Development of Gain Scheduling Scheme for Pumped Storage Plant
S.P. Mansoor (UK) and G.A. Munoz-Hernandez (Mexico)
536-102 High Accuracy Laser based Microassembly using a Machine Vision Alignment System
A. Boglea (Germany), S. Bou (Austria), A. Olowinsky (Germany), and A. Almansa (Austria)
536-802 An Integrative Framework for Time-Varying Affective Agent Behavior
L. Moshkina (USA)
536-815 Agent Architecture for Robust Navigation
E.M. Ovalle, R. Soto, S. Conant, A. Castañeda, O. Fernández, and J. Fernández (Mexico)
536-816 Towards a Successful Adoption and Use of Strategic Information Systems in Organizations: A Proposed EIS Life Cycle
G. Ditsa (UAE), D. Wei, and J. Wang (Australia)
Track System Identification, Optimization, and Automation FreeSubscription
536-021 Model-based Predictive Control of Tunnel Ventilation
Z. Zhao, Z. Yi, H. Tun, M. Zhu, and Y. Gu (PRC)
536-022 A Control Strategy of Networked Control Systems
B.A. Soglo, X. Yang, and M. Sun (PRC)
536-024 Stability Proof of a New Position Controller Family using Strong Lyapunov Function
S. Morán-Ramírez, F. Reyes-Cortés, and P. Sánchez-Sánchez (Mexico)
536-031 Comparison of Approaches for Model Reduction
R. Luus (Canada)
536-052 Identification and Control of Multi-Evaporators Air-Conditioning System
J.-L. Lin, T.-J. Yeh, and Y.J.P. Lin (Taiwan)
536-066 First-Order Plus Time Delay Model Identification from Relay Feedback: An Embedded True/False Criterion
A. Eisinberg and G. Fedele (Italy)
Track Intelligent and Hybrid Control Systems FreeSubscription
536-049 Genetic Programming Instructions for Simple Hyperspace Partitioning
M. Šprogar and D. Verber (Slovenia)
536-056 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Position Controller Design of Induction Motor Drives
C.-J. Chen and T.-C. Chen (Taiwan)
536-083 Embedding Control into a Particle System: A Case Study
J. Holopainen and M. Rönkkö (Finland)
536-084 Self Healing Coordination Scheme for Supporting Robust Information Retrieval in Multi Agent Filtering Framework
D. Milosevic and S. Albayrak (Germany)
536-801 Adaptive Control of MEMS Devices
A. Izadian, L. Hornak, and P. Famouri (USA)
536-804 Semi-Automatic Emotion Recognition from Chinese Text
Y. Zhang (Japan), F. Ren (Japan, PRC), and S. Kuroiwa (Japan)
536-805 Required Precision to Natural Language Processing for Therapeutic Patient-Health Care Provider Communication
K. Osaka, K. Matumoto, C. Kawanishi, T. Tanioka, T. Tada, S. Ueno (Japan), R.C. Locsin (USA), and F. Ren (Japan, PRC)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
536-004 A Frequency-Modulation Control Method for Elimination of Acoustic Resonance in HID Lamps
H.-J. Chiu, H.-M. Huang, S.-J. Cheng, C.-H. Li, and S.-C. Mou (Taiwan)
536-017 Sonar Behavior-based Fuzzy Control for a Navigation Technique of an Intelligent Mobile Robot
S. Thongchai (Thailand)
536-027 Small Ship Control Method for Berthing based on Acquired Motion Data
K. Okawa and R. Takizawa (Japan)
536-058 Implications of COTS/OSS in Control Education and Control System Design and Implementation
A. Siro and E. Sanchez (Spain)
536-065 Security Analysis of Distribution Network using Nonlinear Load Flow and Artificial Intelligence
R. Lis (Poland)
536-076 H∞ Design of Missile Control Systems for PN Guidance Laws
S. Park, J. Song, S.-H. Song, J.-W. Hong, and I.-J. Ha (Korea)
536-101 Gain Control of Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier (EDFA) using Disturbance Observer Technique
J. Song, S. Park, and S.-H. Song (Korea)
536-104 On-Line Colour Measurement of Flotation Froth
J. Kaartinen, O. Haavisto, and H. Hyötyniemi (Finland)
536-120 Elliptical Head Detection Method For Human Tracking
H. Yoon, D. Kim, S.Y. Chi, and Y. Cho (Korea)
Track Intelligent Data Systems and Computing FreeSubscription
536-023 Dynamically Generated Intelligent Interfaces
R.R. Penner and E.S. Steinmetz (USA)
536-060 Evolutionary Built Decision Trees for Supervised Segmentation of Follicular Lymphoma Images
M. Zorman (Slovenia), J.F. Sigut, J.L. Sá nchez de la Rosa, S. Alayón (Spain), P. Kokol, and M. Verlič (Slovenia)
536-079 Distributed Reinforcement Learning based on Factored Action-Spaces
S. Cohen, O. Maimon, and E. Khmelnitsky (Israel)
536-096 Novel Graphical Event-Condition-Action Rules with Enhanced Expressiveness
Y. Qiao, K. Zhong, H. Wang, and X. Li (PRC)
536-103 Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for Predicting Temporal Gene Expression Profiles
A. Kelemen, Y. Liang (USA), and A. Abraham (Korea)
536-106 Classification and Anomaly Detection in Tolerance Space
F.-S. Sun and C.-H. Tzeng (USA)
536-112 Vision-based Remote Meter Reading System in Transformer Stations
H. Wang, W. Cai, and J. Xu (PRC)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Control using Artificial Intelligence; Neural Network Control; Fuzzy Logic Control; Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Control; Learning Algorithms; Planning Systems; Intelligent Control; Intelligent Agents; Multi-Agent Systems; Knowledge-based and Expert Systems; Model Predictive Control; Feedback Control; Adaptive Control; Optimal Control; Advance Control Strategies; Robust Control; Real-Time Control; Multi-Variable Control; Reconfigurable Control; Identification; Estimation; Filtering; Forecasting; Linear Systems; Discrete Event Systems; Nonlinear Systems; Intelligent Analysis and Design; Industrial Automation; Stability; Fault Diagnosis; Knowledge Discovery and Acquisition; Knowledge Representation; Information Modelling; Intelligent Decision Support Systems; Case-based Reasoning; Data Mining; Intelligent Databases and Information Retrieval; Intelligent System Architectures; Machine Learning; Soft Computing; Fusion; Distributed Parameter Systems; Modelling and Simulation; Control Software; Power Systems; Telecommunications; Signal and Image Processing; Web-based Applications; Robotics; Automotive and Transportation Systems; Aerospace; Mechatronics; Process Control; Manufacturing; Construction; Bio Systems; Biomedical Engineering; Environmental Systems; Oceanic Engineering; Management Science and Applications; Education; and Entertainment / Games.

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