Embedding Control into a Particle System: A Case Study

J. Holopainen and M. Rönkkö (Finland)


Particle Systems, Emergent Dynamics, Intelligent Control, Modelling and Simulation


In this paper we analyze the embedding of control into a particle system displaying emergent dynamics. One char acteristic feature of such a system is the difficulty of pre dicting the outcome if changes are made into system. This makes embedding of control difficult. We approach the problem by parametric modeling and analysis using a par ticle system. As the main contribution, we present here a case study on embedding control into Roller, which is a system composed of an axle and two wheels rolling down a soft landscape. In particular, friction and rotation of wheels in Roller are emergent. We analyze embedding of four con trol techniques in three scenarios. The case study demon strates that particle systems help in visualizing, modeling, and analyzing the effect of embedded control.

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