Stability Proof of a New Position Controller Family using Strong Lyapunov Function

S. Morán-Ramírez, F. Reyes-Cortés, and P. Sánchez-Sánchez (Mexico)


Position Control, Energy Shaping, Strong Lyapunov Func tion, L2 norm, Artificial Potential Energy, La Salle’s Inva riance principle.


The main objective of this paper is to propose a position controller family and to accomplish its asymptotic stability proof in a global way using Lyapunov’s strong functions and with it to omit the use of the La Salle’s Invariance Prin ciple. Accomplishing the proposed controller comparison against simple PD controller, obtaining the performance in dex as a result by means of L2 norm. The evaluation of the controller is accomplished by means of its application in a Joint Robot Arm.

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