Self Healing Coordination Scheme for Supporting Robust Information Retrieval in Multi Agent Filtering Framework

D. Milosevic and S. Albayrak (Germany)


Intelligent Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Con trol, Robust Information Retrieval, Filtering Framework


In nowadays commercial and information reach society, filtering strategies have to be combined respecting the availabilities of resources, and additionally the guaranties regarding the delivery of sought results should be given. The major drawback of many existing systems, which try to make different synergies between filtering strategies, is usually concerned with not having any recovery mecha nisms and with not taking care of resource availability, being especially critical for the realisation of successful commercial deployments. The cornerstone of a presented solution is in the encapsulation of many known searching algorithms inside separate filtering agents, as well as in the integration of robust self healing coordination mecha nisms into one manager agent. The successfulness of the realised coordination scheme in always providing re quested results is practically demonstrated in the system serving as a personal information assistant (PIA). Experi mental results, obtained during a nine day internal PIA usage, show that the guaranties of always finding results can be given without sacrificing a user satisfaction.

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