A Control Strategy of Networked Control Systems

B.A. Soglo, X. Yang, and M. Sun (PRC)


Networked control system, compensator, estimator, bilinear matrix inequalities, maximization of decay rate.


The control system wherein a network is used as a communication channel among components is called networked control system. This paper proposed CEDP (Compensation and Estimation for Delay and Packet dropout) methods to overcome the problem of transmission delay and packet dropout. The compensator was used to overcome the influence of network transmission delay; while in case of data packet loss, the estimator was used to estimate the plant state. The system obtained is modeled as an asynchronous dynamical system with rate constraint on two events. Then for the system exponential stability, the paper derived a time varying bilinear matrix inequalities (BMI) and proposed a method to solve the time varying BMI problem to obtain the maximum value of the NCS decay rate.

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