Semi-Automatic Emotion Recognition from Chinese Text

Y. Zhang (Japan), F. Ren (Japan, PRC), and S. Kuroiwa (Japan)


Emotion Thesaurus, Affective Computing, Database, Emotion Recognition


The interest in emotion recognition has attracted more and more attentions. There have been some studies about emotion extraction from spoken natural language dialog, and most of them have successfully been developed within the specified domains. But computer application on Chinese Natural Language Processing (NLP) is still on the starting stage. Aiming at developing a Chinese affective dialogue system, we have been exploring how to incorporate emotional aspects of dialogue into existing dialogue processing techniques. However, in Chinese linguistic corpora only few of them include emotional information. As a preliminary step toward this goal, we work on constructing what we call an emotion-thesaurus, as the base of our emotion recognition system. Then we construct the classification system using the thesaurus. Finally we give the evaluation of our system.

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