High Accuracy Laser based Microassembly using a Machine Vision Alignment System

A. Boglea (Germany), S. Bou (Austria), A. Olowinsky (Germany), and A. Almansa (Austria)


Laser micro-welding, machine vision, closed loop control, Pick&Join tool


The increasing demands in the field of precision engineering concerning flexibility, quality and productivity on one hand, and the increased complexity and rapid evolution of Microsystems on the other hand require innovative and economic efficient micro-assembly concepts. The aim of the current research is to develop, according to the Pick&Join technique, an advanced laser based tool for assembly tasks, integrating a machine vision alignment system using a CCD camera. The system is designed to fulfill the requirements of high robustness and flexibility in time and product, and furthermore, through the combination of the positive aspects of laser materials processing and vision control strategies, to break a new path in the manufacturing of hybrid micro systems. Under these circumstances a functional prototype was developed and tested for the laser assembly of thermoplastic components. A fiber laser and an optical system that generates a focused spot of 30 ┬Ám were used in order to perform a laser contour welding process to assemble the polymeric components. The vision system has the important role of correcting, through a closed loop control the eventual misalignments of the joining partners and to contribute in this way to a high accuracy of the assembly.

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