Implications of COTS/OSS in Control Education and Control System Design and Implementation

A. Siro and E. Sanchez (Spain)


Common off-the-shelf systems (COTS), open source software (OSS), rapid prototyping tools (RPT), Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS), General Purpose Operating Systems (GPOS), GPL (General Public License)


As control systems become increasingly sophisticated, their design and implementation in turn becomes a progressively more complex undertaking. Over the past decade or so, Rapid prototyping tools (RPT) have evolved to respond to this need. These tools integrate modeling/simulation applications with code generation facilities and target certain real-time environments; hastening the control system development process. However, these wonderful applications come at a price and may be beyond the financial scope of many. It is the objective of this paper to underscore the impact free/ open source software (OSS) RPT and common off the shelf hardware (COTS) has or can have on control education and control system implementation.

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