A Frequency-Modulation Control Method for Elimination of Acoustic Resonance in HID Lamps

H.-J. Chiu, H.-M. Huang, S.-J. Cheng, C.-H. Li, and S.-C. Mou (Taiwan)


Single-Stage Electronic Ballast, HID Lamp, Frequency Modulation, Acoustic Resonance


We present a single-stage electronic ballast with a high power factor feature for driving HID lamps. A new frequency-modulation control method is proposed to eliminate the acoustic resonance problem in HID lamps under high frequency operation. The proposed method has the merits of simple circuit and low cost, thus it is suitable for use in commercial applications. The conducted emission caused by the high-frequency electronic ballast can also be effectively reduced. The operating principles and design considerations of the proposed electronic ballast are analyzed and discussed in detail. A 35W laboratory prototype is designed and implemented. The simulation and experimental waveforms are given to verify the feasibility of the proposed method. The results are satisfactory.

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