Adaptive Control of MEMS Devices

A. Izadian, L. Hornak, and P. Famouri (USA)


Micro comb resonator, modeling, parameter uncertainty, adaptive control, tracking


The manufacturing of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) involves several micro-machining processes, each include variations in the parameters of the device from the desired values. These variations change the behavior of the device and affect its performance, therefore there is a need of means to compensate these changes and control the device’s behavior. In this paper, some manufacturing steps that result in uncertainties in modeling of the device are investigated. An effective method to control their behavior is introduced and is also experimentally tested. In this regard, application of the continuous-time Model Reference Adaptive Controllers (MRAC) for tracking control of micro comb resonators is investigated. The procedure of the controller design and modeling of micro comb resonator considering the uncertainties are investigated. The controller is implemented in a real-time control board and the experimental results demonstrate the capabilities of MRAC in a multi-uncertainty MEMS motion control task.

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