Communications and Computer Networks    (CCN 2006)

October 4 – 6, 2006
Lima, Peru
Editor(s): J. J. Neto
119 pages
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Track Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks FreeSubscription
548-027 Throughput of Satellite TCP Networks
B.C. Costa Pinto and J.M.C. Brito (Brazil)
548-056 Spatial Diversity Estimation in Multipath Electromagnetic Environments
R. Meneses and R. Linares y M. (Mexico)
548-073 Evolutionary Optimized Ad Hoc Connectivity
M. Borschbach, M. Vodel, and W.-M. Lippe (Germany)
548-076 Wireless Patient Monitoring Devices: Case Studies
N. Halín, P. Loula, and P. Aarnio (Finland)
548-085 Router Direction Index based AODV for Motorway Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Almajnooni, B. Sharif, and C. Tsimenidis (UK)
548-093 Inter-Layer Information Exchanges for Maximizing IEEE 802.11a Throughput in Fading Channels
V. Atanasovski and L. Gavrilovska (Macedonia)
Track Computer Networks FreeSubscription
548-019 Performance Analysis of RWAPI on Top of the Myrinet-2000 Interconnect
O.B. Fredj and É. Renault (France)
548-033 Advanced Hashing Techniques for Non-Uniformly Distributed IP Address Lookup
D. Pandya, C. Martinez, W.-M. Lin, and P. Patel (USA)
548-042 Knowledge based Generic Model of Intelligent Networks and Services
G. Németh (Hungary)
548-065 Revised Definition of Multicast-Favorable Max-Min Fairness
P. Österberg and T. Zhang (Sweden)
548-067 Impact of Sack Delay and Link Delay on Failover Performance in SCTP
J. Eklund and A. Brunstrom (Sweden)
548-079 Application Requested Switched Connection Establishment for Heterogeneous Multi-Domain Networks
H. Wessing and B.B. Mortensen (Denmark)
548-086 A Generalization of the Generalized Petersen Graphs and N2R Network Structures
J.M. Pedersen, T.M. Riaz, R.H. Nielsen, O.B. Madsen (Denmark)
548-802 Approximate Blocking Probabilities for Multiclass Services in Wavelength Routed All-Optical Networks
K. Kuppuswamy (USA) and D.C. Lee (Canada)
Track Communication and Security FreeSubscription
548-020 On the Design of Multidimensional Linear Phase FIR Filters by WLS Technique
F.S. Al-Namiy and A.Q. Mohammed (Oman)
548-050 Fractionally Spaced Space-Frequency Equalizers for MIMO
S. Sarkar and B.-H. Kim (USA)
548-084 Subcarrier Modulation for Visible-Light Communication using Imaging Sensor
D. Yamanaka, S. Haruyama, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)
548-087 On Embedding N2R Structures in Optical Fiber OMS-SP Rings
T.M. Riaz, J.M. Pedersen, R.H. Nielsen, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)
548-088 Detecting Rogue Devices in Bluetooth Networks using Radio Frequency Fingerprinting
J.H.M. Barbeau and E. Kranakis (Canada)
548-090 Honeynet in Network Security using Multi-Layer Data Control and Data Capture Mechanisms
O.C. Joo, R. Budiarto, and G.C. Sodhy (Malaysia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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Relevant topics include but are not restricted to: • Computer Networks • IP Networks • ATM Networks • Optical Transmission • WDM Systems • Data Networks • Local Area Networks • High Speed Internet • Wireless Networks • Wireless LAN • Ad Hoc Networks • Wireless Sensor Network • Heterogeneous Networks • Bluetooth Technology • Personal Communication Systems • Broadband Communications • Access Networks • 3G and 4G Networks • Mobile Communications • Multimedia Communications • CDMA Systems • OFDM Technology • Communication Protocols • Spread Spectrum • Turbo Coding • Channel Estimation • Fading Channels • Equalization • Multicast Switching and Networking • Handoff and Routing • Resource Management • Mobility Management • Network Architecture • Network Interfaces • Network Management • Network Performance • Internetworking • Network Security • Quality of Service Issues • Congestion Control • Signal Processing for Communications • Network Programming • Communication Software • Software Agents • Artificial Intelligence Applications • Modelling and Simulation • M-commerce • E-commerce • Electronic Banking • E-publishing • Cryptography • Law and Technology • Video Conferencing • Collaborative Systems • Parallel and Distributed Systems • Distance Education • Information Systems • The Internet • Multimedia • Telemedicine.

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