Inter-Layer Information Exchanges for Maximizing IEEE 802.11a Throughput in Fading Channels

V. Atanasovski and L. Gavrilovska (Macedonia)


Inter-layer optimizations, throughput performance, IEEE 802.11a, fading.


WLANs emerging research and standardization, as well as their widespread successful deployment, provide prime evidence of the essential role they will play in future generation heterogeneous networks. Due to the wireless environment, WLANs exhibit time and location dependent characteristics. The ability to adapt to such conditions and enable optimal behavior are key issues in future generation pervasive communication. This paper advocates the use of inter-layer information exchanges (cross-layer optimizations) to obtain optimized WLAN system performance. Emphasis is put on the adaptive approach to link layer techniques in a non-saturated contending IEEE 802.11a envrironment under fading conditions that can significantly improve the throughput performance and become an important step towards providing seamless communication.

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