Approximate Blocking Probabilities for Multiclass Services in Wavelength Routed All-Optical Networks

K. Kuppuswamy (USA) and D.C. Lee (Canada)


Optical WDM networks, blocking probability, multiclass loss networks, fixed-point approximation, knapsack approx imation.


We propose a novel performance evaluation methodology for all-optical WDM networks with arbitrary topologies supporting multiclass services that have distinct resource requirements (number of wavelengths) and average subscrip tion period requirements. We assume wavelength continuity constraint on lightpaths. Under loss network formulation, we use a generalized reduced load approximation scheme to calculate multiclass blocking probabilities for the fol lowing wavelength routing policies: Fixed Routing (FR), Least Loaded Routing (LLR) and Fixed Alternate Routing (FAR). We develop analytical fixed-point approximation al gorithms for computing approximate blocking probabilities for multiclass traffic based on knapsack approximation for idle wavelength distribution in links. Simulation results on different network topologies and routing policies considered demonstrate that the simulation results match closely with the analytical computational results for varied multiclass traffic loading scenarios: light, moderate and heavy loads, thus validating our analytical model.

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