Router Direction Index based AODV for Motorway Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

S. Almajnooni, B. Sharif, and C. Tsimenidis (UK)


Ad Hoc, MANET, Motorway, Doppler Effect, Vehicular, Gateway.


Ad hoc On Demand distance Vector (AODV) protocol uses route freshness and minimum hop count as a reference to update its routing table. In this paper we introduce a Router Direction Index (RDI) parameter to enhance the performance of AODV in updating its routing table, as well as, to assist destination nodes choose route requests from different paths in inter-vehicular ad hoc network scenarios. Simulation results of 200 vehicles travelling at speeds between 61 ~ 119 km/h on a 2 directional motorway demonstrate a performance increase in the average data goodput and less routing overhead for the proposed algorithm.

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