On the Design of Multidimensional Linear Phase FIR Filters by WLS Technique

F.S. Al-Namiy and A.Q. Mohammed (Oman)


wls, optimization, fir digital filters


In this paper, a modified approach for designing 2-D equiripple linear-phase FIR digital filters based on weighted least square (WLS) technique is introduce. In the WLS techniques, the update weights function is too important as it affects the convergence of the procedure. In this paper an investigation on these are discussed. We introduce an updating desired frequency response which implicitly includes the weighting function that yields an equiripple design. It is confirmed through design example that the suggested approach is computationally efficient and leads to nearly optimal approximations with rapid convergence. The peak errors obtained by the proposed method are improved. A design example is included to illustrate the proposed method.

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