On Embedding N2R Structures in Optical Fiber OMS-SP Rings

T.M. Riaz, J.M. Pedersen, R.H. Nielsen, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)


Communication Networks, Optical Transmission, WDM Systems, Optical Rings, Chordal Rings, Design Method ology.


The objective of this paper is to propose methods for em bedding N2R structures in optical fiber OMS-SP rings. The OMS-SP ring supports full mesh structure and restora tion on the optical level. The N2R structures have been proven to be superior to other degree 3 network structures. Two main mapping schemes are proposed for the embed ding. A number of cases have been tested to find out how the embedding performs. It has been concluded from the results that scheme-2 performs better in most cases, how ever still does not promise an optimal embedding compared to scheme-1. The proposed mapping schemes aim to pro vide a reference base for further optimization in the embed ding of N2R structures.

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