Honeynet in Network Security using Multi-Layer Data Control and Data Capture Mechanisms

O.C. Joo, R. Budiarto, and G.C. Sodhy (Malaysia)


Honeypot, honeynet, honeywall, virtual honeynet, virtualization.


Conventional methodologies like firewalls and intrusion detection systems have been playing passive roles in detecting and defending unauthorized network activities. But they are missing the ingredients to being proactively engaged in the area of identifying blackhats’ state of affairs like recording their activities, as and when they try to break in, how they break in, tools or tactics used as of when they are successful or what are their motives when they succeed and so forth. Honeynet gives us the possibilities to obtain early warnings of what may come along the way that could eventually become real threats to our valuable network resources and their continuity of operations. This paper focuses on using multiple layers of Data Control and Data Capture mechanisms in making Honeynet a great architecture to achieve this objective. We implement multiple Data Control mechanisms to contain and control intruders and let them know only what we want them to know. And at the same time, we capture the intruders’ activities without them knowing it using multiple Data Capture mechanisms.

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