Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies    (WNET 2005)

July 19 – 21, 2005
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
198 pages
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Track Wireless Networks and Systems I FreeSubscription
474-010 A Spectrally Efficient Frequency Diversity Technique
T. Ara├║jo and R. Dinis (Portugal)
474-018 Evaluation of Parabolic Antennas in Satellite TVRO Systems
R.A.R. Ibrahim, K.A.S. al-Khateeb, and R. Islam (Malaysia)
474-035 Combining Trees and Counting Networks in Mobile Environment
M. Belkadi, F. Dahami, R. Aoudjit, M. Daoui, M. Lalam (Algeria), and A.M'zoughi (France)
474-056 A Rake Receiver with Channel Estimation for Ultra Wideband Systems
Q. Wan and A. Dinh (Canada)
474-057 Impact of Channel Estimation in Multisensor Parallel Interference Cancellation for the Uplink on MC-DCMA Systems
P. Marques, J. Bastos, A. Pereira, and A. Gameiro (Portugal)
Track Circuits, Devices, and Components FreeSubscription
474-012 Noise Optimization and Design of PHS Front-End in CMOS
D. Feng and B. Shi (PRC)
474-015 Circuit Design using Similar Correlation Scheme in Digital Video Broadcasting Receiver
C.-C. Wang, W.-T. Chen, Y.-C. Lin, C.-S. Lo, and Y.-T. Chang (Taiwan)
474-023 A 25-40 GHz Up-Converter using the Concepts of Distributed and Double Balanced Mixing for LO and RF (LSB) Rejection
M. Mehdi, C. Rumelhard, J.L. Polleux, and B. Lefebvre (France)
474-066 Optimum Analytical Design Solution to Integrated Class-E Amplifiers
J.-K. Jau, Y.-A. Chen, T.-S. Horng, and T.-L. Wu (Taiwan)
Track Networking Protocols FreeSubscription
474-024 A Quantitative Comparison of Multiple Access Control Protocols for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Impulse Radio Communications
C.-E. Weng, J.-K. Lain, and J.-H. Wen (Taiwan)
474-029 A Centralized Time-Slot Leasing-based QoS Routing Protocol over Bluetooth WPANs
Y.-S. Chen and T.-H. Lin (Taiwan)
474-038 An Experimental Study of Next Generation Authentication Mechanisms for Wireless LAN and Content Service Provider
R. Huber and N. Jordan (Austria)
474-039 A New Robust Genetic Algorithm for Bluetooth Scatternet Formation
S.R. Mudundi and H.H. Ali (USA)
474-049 An Evolutionary Approach to Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
H. Sreenivas and H.H. Ali (USA)
474-076 Probabilistic Geographic Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
T. Roosta (USA)
Track Wireless Technologies and Applications FreeSubscription
474-011 Ultra-Wideband Time Coincident Arrays
B.L. Brown (Canada)
474-028 Application of the Quorum Theory to the Mutual Exclusion Problem in a Mobile Computing
M. Redjimi, F. Dahamni, A. M'zoughi, M. Lalam, A. Henni, and M. Belkadi (Algeria)
474-047 Wireless Information Centre Concept in the Building Environment
N.M. Pere, M.N.K. Soini, L.T. Sydanheimo, and M.A. Kivikoski (Finland)
474-052 Design and Implement of New Infrared Data Broadcasting Protocol with FIR
D. Cai and R. Kawashima (Japan)
Track Wireless Networks and Systems II FreeSubscription
474-014 An IP based File Delivery Platform for Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
J.-M. Bouffard and F. Lefebvre (Canada)
474-021 Adaptive Fuzzy-based Power Control and Transmission Rate Management in Multimedia CDMA Cellular Systems
Y.-L. Chen, Y.-S. Lin, J.-W. Wang, and J.-H. Wen (Taiwan)
474-041 Application of RSSI on Indoor Security Wireless Network
Y.-H. Lee, R.-H. Wu, M.-H. Chuang, Y.-G. Jan, L.-L. Jau, S.-W. Tzeng, and K.-C. Mei (Taiwan)
474-043 Public-Key Cryptography in Sensor Networks
E.D. Manley, J.S. Deogun, and H. Al Nahas (USA)
474-050 An Energy Balanced Data Dissemination Scheme for Lifetime Extension in Wireless Sensor Networks
D.-W. Lee, J.-H. Kim, and Y.-B. Ko (Korea)
474-058 Distributed and Real-Time Lookup Service in Ad-Hoc Network
K.-H. Choi and J.-H. Kim (Korea)
Track System Performance FreeSubscription
474-013 Optimization of the Flow Control in QoS Aware GPRS/EDGE Networks
S. Tcaciuc, A. Kunz, C. Ruland, and S. Schneeberger (Germany)
474-016 Estimation of Cell Overload Probability for Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Cellular Multimedia Communications
M.M. Islam and M. Murhshed (Australia)
474-019 Joint Routing, Scheduling, and Power Control in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Hengstler (USA)
474-022 Performance Analysis of SIP-based Session Establishments over IMS
M.T. Alam and Z.D. Wu (Australia)
474-030 An Effective Contention Window Control Mechanism in 802.11 Wireless LAN
W.-T. Chen, B.-J. Wang, Y.-C. Lin, and Y.-T. Chang (Taiwan)
474-037 Fast Router Advertisement Performance Evaluation in a Mobile IPv6 - Wireless LAN Based Network Environment
N. Jordan, R. Huber, and A. Poropatich (Austria)
474-044 Efficient Handoff Scheme for Bluetooth Network Services
M.-C. Chen, H.-F. Lu, J.-L. Chen, and P.-C. Yao (Taiwan)
474-046 Performance Enhancement of Outdoor IEEE 802.11 Cellular Networks
E. Lopez-Aguilera, J. Casademont, A. Rojas, and J. Cotrina (Spain)
474-070 Dynamic Channel Rate Assignment for Multi-Radio WLANs
Q. Wu and C. Williamson (Canada)
474-073 Guaranteeing a Deterministic QoS in the IP-based Next Generation Wireless Networks
J. Martyna (Poland)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publication covers the following topics: Wireless Networks and Systems; Circuits, Devices, and Components; Networking Protocols; Wireless Technologies and Applications; and System Performance.

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