A Spectrally Efficient Frequency Diversity Technique

T. Araújo and R. Dinis (Portugal)


Frequency diversity, frequency domain equalization, itera tive block DFE, multiuser detection


In this paper we consider an SC-based (Single-Carrier) block transmission, employing FDE (Frequency Domain Equalization) receivers and we present a frequency diver sity technique that allows high spectral efficiencies. As with conventional frequency diversity techniques, L repli cas of a given signal are transmitted at L different fre quency bands. However, contrarily to conventional fre quency diversity schemes, up to L users can share this set of L frequency bands. Since this leads to strong inter ference levels, we propose an iterative, frequency-domain receiver where all the users sharing the L frequency bands are jointly detected. Our performance results show that the proposed frequency diversity scheme allows high diversity gains, while keeping the spectral efficiency of conventional SC schemes.

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