Circuit Design using Similar Correlation Scheme in Digital Video Broadcasting Receiver

C.-C. Wang, W.-T. Chen, Y.-C. Lin, C.-S. Lo, and Y.-T. Chang (Taiwan)


OFDM(Orthogonal frequency division multiplex), DVB(digital broadcasting), VLSI(very large scale integrate), FFT(fast Fourier transform), circuit redundancy, IMDCT(inverse modified discrete cosine transform) Maximum of six words. e.g.. Modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and neural networks


DVB (digital video broadcasting) adopts audiovisual compression technology before transmitting so that it can improve the efficiency of frequency spectrum. Further, it utilizes advanced signal processing and channel coding in order to improve the reception quality. However, DVB can not be widely developed in the world due to much expensive receiver. To solve this problem, a novel circuit design using similar correlation scheme (SCS) is proposed to achieve reducing the required chipset area and further lower the cost of DVB receiver.

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