A Centralized Time-Slot Leasing-based QoS Routing Protocol over Bluetooth WPANs

Y.-S. Chen and T.-H. Lin (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, time-slot leasing (TSL), quality of service (QoS), wireless personal area network (WPAN), wireless communication.


In this paper, we investigate a new efficient quality of ser vice (QoS) routing protocol based on the time-slot leas ing mechanism over Bluetooth wireless personal area net works (WPANs). In a Bluetooth scatternet, a QoS route path is constructed through a series of QoS slave-master slave communications. The ”transmission holding” prob lem is incurred because the master node is the communica tion bottleneck for each slave-master-slave communication. To alleviate this problem, a time-slot leasing scheme is adaptively incorporated into our scheme to provide a com pletely new QoS routing protocol. This QoS routing pro tocol can additionally offer extra slave-to-slave QoS com munication capability to effectively reduce the workload of the master node and significantly promote the success rate of finding a QoS route. In our proposed QoS routing proto col, QoS slave-master-slave and slave-to-slave communica tion mechanisms are simultaneously considered in order to achieve a high success rate of QoS routing from the source to destination nodes. Finally, simulation results demon strate that this time-slot leasing-based QoS routing proto col can significantly improve the success ratio, delay time, throughput, and bandwidth utilization when compared to other existing QoS routing protocols.

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