Wireless Information Centre Concept in the Building Environment

N.M. Pere, M.N.K. Soini, L.T. Sydanheimo, and M.A. Kivikoski (Finland)


Home network technologies, low-power communication, automated building


The goal of the “Wireless Information Centre in the Building Environment” project is to develop a wireless smart home system for the building environment. The aim of the project is to create methods and models for an open and low-power building communication system controlled by the Information Centre. Besides communication, system usability is an important issue especially from the consumer’s point of view. The Information Centre works as an informative and graphic user interface (UI) that can be used to control and monitor different home appliances and parameters. The versatility of the Information Centre system would, for example, enable the user to check water and electricity consumption, control access, obtain information on alarms, study temperature history, set timers for different functions, and control lighting and air-conditioning. The Information Centre communicates with devices by way of the manufacturer independent and compact wireless communication format KILAVI. KILAVI has been developed especially for battery operated devices where very low-power operation is vital to achieve device function times of several years without maintenance. The Information Centre and KILAVI together enable dynamic and flexible network management functions.

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