Optimization of the Flow Control in QoS Aware GPRS/EDGE Networks

S. Tcaciuc, A. Kunz, C. Ruland, and S. Schneeberger (Germany)


GPRS/EDGE, QoS, Flow Control


In the modern world of GSM communication the demand for minimization of the exploitation costs has achieved the point where the network operators require new networks that are able to reconfigure themselves according to the current network state and user activities. This implies new research in the area of new self configurable networks. This paper presents the results of investigation of the QoS aware GPRS/EDGE networks focussed on the flow control at the Gb interface. A new approach for an intelligent flow control, by using a leak rates optimization methodology, is presented. This methodology is based on recalculations of leak rates at new packet arrivals according to the current system load. The simulation results show that a significant increase in system performance can be achieved by minimizing the effect of the cascading leaky bucket phenomena.

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