A Quantitative Comparison of Multiple Access Control Protocols for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Impulse Radio Communications

C.-E. Weng, J.-K. Lain, and J.-H. Wen (Taiwan)




Emerging mobile multimedia services introduce a communication scenario that requires high transmission rates. Using ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) communication is a feasible approach to meeting this requirement. Impulse radio can be used to implement UWB communications that satisfy the IEEE 802.15.3a standard. In this study, we adopt ultra-wide bandwidth impulse radio (UWB-IR) signals in the physical layer and quantitatively evaluate three MAC protocols, including the joint UWB-IR/ALOHA, the joint UWB-IR/PRMA, and the joint UWB-IR/NC-PRMA, for suitability in integrated wireless voice and video services. Simulation results indicate that the joint UWB-IR/NC PRMA outperforms both the joint UWB-IR/ALOHA and the joint UWB-IR/PRMA.

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