Efficient Handoff Scheme for Bluetooth Network Services

M.-C. Chen, H.-F. Lu, J.-L. Chen, and P.-C. Yao (Taiwan)


Personal Area Network, Bluetooth, Mobile Communication, Handoff.


Bluetooth is the standard for short range, low power, low cost wireless communication radio technology. Recently, the low price and the small size of the mobile device make a great success in personal mobile communication. Because of the short radio range of Bluetooth technology, when those mobile devices move in the Bluetooth public access network, they will require frequent handoffs. In this study, we propose a new scheme to improve handoff performance for Bluetooth services. This new scheme consists of three procedures: preliminary procedure, handoff procedure, and update procedure. We analyze the Inquiry_Scan_Interval, Inquiry_Scan_Window, Page_Scan_Interval, and Page_Scan_Window to reduce the connection delay. From the simulation results, it was found that we can get the connection time is 2.3889 seconds and the handoff time is about 15.4ms. Therefore, the connection time of Bluetooth services is reduced. Finally, we can decrease the handoff delay effectively. Simulation results also show that our new scheme significantly reduces handoff delay.

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