Optimum Analytical Design Solution to Integrated Class-E Amplifiers

J.-K. Jau, Y.-A. Chen, T.-S. Horng, and T.-L. Wu (Taiwan)


Class-E amplifier, switching amplifier, high-efficiency amplifier, power amplifier


The aim of this paper is to derive the optimum design solution for integrated Class-E amplifiers in simultaneous consideration of the DC-feed inductance, switch-on resistance, and package bondwire inductance. A nonlinear simulation for the Class-E amplifier based on the optimum design solution has been performed to successfully verify the pre-set optimum design goal. It is found that the use of smaller DC-feed inductance has an advantage to tolerate a larger output capacitance, which is in general beneficial to the maximum operating frequency and DC-to-RF conversion efficiency. However, the presence of package bondwire may partially counteract this advantage. An integrated Class-E amplifier has been finally implemented in practice according to the presented optimum design solution. The measured performance is quite satisfactory.

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