Wireless Communications    (WC 2011)

June 1 – 3, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Editor(s): Q. Ye
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Track OFDM System Performance FreeSubscription
730-031 Optimizing MDTC over Feedback-less OFDM Channels
Ashwani Sharma, Swades De, and Hari M. Gupta
730-029 Configurable, Modular and Scalable OFDM Baseband Processor for Data Rates up to 4 Gbps
Markus Petri
730-042 Bit Error Rate of IEEE 802.16 OFDM Physical Layer using (I)FFT Block with Fixed-Point Arithmetic
Hossam Fattah
730-080 EM-based Signal Detection for Space Time Block Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems
Hamidreza Bakhshi and Mohsen K. Hedayati
Track Network Algorithms and Performance Evaluation FreeSubscription
730-019 Performance of Free Space Optical Mesh Networks with Node Degree Variation and Link Failures
Devi Chadha and Navneet Kotnala
730-014 On Mitigating Multipath Interferences with Reconstruct-and-Suppress Scheme over MIMO-CDMA Rake Receivers
Jen-Fa Huang, Yi-Wei Lu, and You-Da Dai
730-010 Performance Evaluation of OCDMA System using MATLAB with ZCC Code
Amrit Kaur, Kiranpreet Kaur, Divya Dhawan, and Avtar Singh
730-041 Adaptive Intra Update for H.264 Video Transmissions over Cognitive Radio Networks
Yue Liu and Laurie Cuthbert
730-065 A Simple Dynamic Spectrum Access Algorithm for the IEEE 802.22 Standard
Alexander Galvis and Luis F. Brieva
730-070 Optimized Scheme for Backhauling Communication in Relay Enhanced LTE
Jianke Fan
Track Wireless Network Design and Network Security FreeSubscription
730-028 A New Energy Efficient Data Gathering Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jafar Amiri, Masoud Sabaei, and Bahman Soltaninasab
730-011 Wireless Services and Intelligent Vehicle Transportation Systems
Abdulrahman Yarali and Chungen Hung
730-024 Investigation into IEEE 802.11 Security Issues Affecting Wireless Networks
Albert K. Ansah, Thomas Kwantwi, and Agangiba W. Akotam
730-016 Architecture and Data Fusion Strategies for a Wireless Sensor Network for Urban Environment Monitoring
Mario LaManna
730-066 Research on the Software-Defined Radio (SDR)-Radiosonde Receiver
Hui Zhuang, Suiping Guo, Benkai Jia, and Ning Xu
730-048 Potential Use of Chaffing and Winnowing for Secure Communication in a WAMS Environment
Joseph L. McDaniel and Ambareen Siraj
Track Antenna and Location based Application FreeSubscription
730-049 Topology Design for Backbone Wireless Mesh Networks using Directional Antennas
Ziping Hu and Pramode K. Verma
730-038 Location based Application Distribution for Android Mobile Devices
Jon Tong Seng Quah and Luo Ren Lim
730-046 A Design of a Double-Band Microstrip Slot Antenna Working on 2.4GHZ /5.2GHZ
Jianwu Zhang, Jinxuan Wang, and Qianhua Zhang
730-009 Emitter Geolocation using Received Signal Strength Difference with Randomly Distributed Sensors
Brad R. Jackson
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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