Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence    (NCI 2003)

May 19 – 21, 2003
Cancun, Mexico
Editor(s): O. Castillo
245 pages
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Track Intelligent Agents and Theory FreeSubscription
389-024 Intelligent Agents for Interactive Learning
E. Shakshuki (Canada)
389-025 Achieving Human Style Navigation for Synthetic Characters: A Survey
P. Larkin (Australia)
389-052 Paraconsistent Domain-relational Calculus
R. Bagai (USA)
389-063 Building Hybrid Soft Computing Agents
R. Neruda (Czech Republic)
389-065 Reranking Medline Citations by Relevance to a Difficult Biological Query
B. Han (USA, PRC), S. Vucetic, and Z. Obradovic (USA)
389-069 Employing Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks for Developing Baselines for Proactive Network Management
A.S.M. De Franceschi, R.A. de Moraes, J.M. Barreto, and M. Roisenberg (Brazil)
389-802 Data Mining on Users Access Trials for Web Business Intelligence
S. Zhuang and S. Fong (Macao), and S. Chan (Singapore)
Track Hardware Implementations and Control FreeSubscription
389-013 Control and Analysis of Nonlinear Systems using Neural Networks
D. Karimanzira and P. Otto (Germany)
389-021 Direct Adaptive Neural Control Scheme with Integral-Plus-State Action
I.S. Baruch, A. del Carmen Martinez Q., and R. Garrido (Mexico)
389-037 On Existential and Constructive Neural Complexity Results
V. Beiu (USA)
389-040 Analog Hardware Model for Morphological Neural Networks
J.L. Ortiz and C.T. Ocasio (USA)
389-044 Review of Differential Threshold Gate Implementations
V. Beiu (USA), J.M. Quintana, and M.J. Avedilo (Spain)
389-056 A VLSI Array Architecture for Artificial Neural Networks
L. Bengtsson (Sweden)
389-801 Asynchronous Parallel Computation of Self-organizing Maps
M.W. Benson (Canada) and J. Hu (USA)
Track Hybrid Systems and Fuzzy Logic FreeSubscription
389-026 Stable Fuzzy Identification using Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Networks
W. Yu and X. Li (Mexico)
389-033 A Feed Forward Network and Its Training Algorithm for Producing Sets
R.K. Brouwer (Canada) and W. Pedrycz (Canada, Poland)
389-036 Applications of Expert Systems to the Design of Telecommunication Networks
I. Monedero, C. León, R. Denda, S. Muñoz, F. Pérez, and J. Luque (Spain)
389-038 A New Approach for Intelligent Control of Non-linear Dynamic Plants using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
P. Melin and O. Castillo (Mexico)
389-066 A Modified Fuzzy ARTMAP Architecture for Incremental Learning Function Approximation
R. Andonie, L. Sasu (Romania), and V. Beiu (USA)
389-070 Time Series Prediction using Rough Sets and Neural Networks Hybrid Approach
T.G. Smolinski, D.L. Chenoweth, and J.M. Zurada (USA)
389-800 An Overview of Computational Intelligence Techniques in Intrusion Detection Systems
M.G. Dondo (Canada)
Track Neural Networks and Applications FreeSubscription
389-011 Neural Modelling and Control of the Offset Printing Process
A. Verikas, L. Bergman, K. Malmqvist, and M. Bacauskiene (Sweden)
389-022 Neural Networks-based Fault Detection and Isolation of Nonlinear Systems
I.S. Lee. J.T. Kim, J.W. Lee, Y.J. Lee, and K.Y. Kim (Korea)
389-029 Parameter Prediction for the Gastrointestinal Tract
W.E. Mattis (USA)
389-039 On Classification of Alarms from Network Intrusion Detection System using Multi-layer Feed-forward Neural Networks
K. Goto and K. Keeni (Japan)
389-058 Discrimination of Aircrafts and Flares in Infrared Images by a Probabilistic Neural Network
P. Cayouette, G. Labonté, and A. Morin (Canada)
389-067 Neural Network MLSE Receiver for Satellite Channels in the Presence of Nonlinear Distortions and Frequency-selective Fading
M. Ibnkahla and J. Yuan (Canada)
389-075 Cancer Prediction by Protein Microarray Profiling
S. Draghici, K. Uygun, X. Wang, M. Chatterjee, and M.A. Tainsky (USA)
Track Evolutionary Computing and Data Mining FreeSubscription
389-048 Sexual Selection with Competitive/Co-operative Operators for Genetic Algorithms
J. Sánchez-Velazco and J.A. Bullinaria (UK)
389-050 A Genetic Learning Algorithm for Generating a Parsimonious Functional Link Network
C.L.P. Chen and C. Bhumireddy (USA)
389-059 RGL Study in a Hybrid Real-time System
K. Hennacy, N. Swamy, and D. Perlis (USA)
389-061 New Algebraic Operators and SQL Primitives for Mining Association Rules
R. Timarán Pereira, M. Millán, and F. Machuca (Colombia)
389-062 Solving Complex Real Time Engineering Problems by Artificial Immune System: Case Study of Dynamic Stochastic Knapsack Problem
D. Teodorović, S. Ramaraj, and D. Gračanin (USA)
389-064 Cartesian Genetic Programming for Image Processing Tasks
H.A. Montes and J.L. Wyatt (UK)
389-068 A Pseudogenetic Algorithm for MLP Design based upon the Schmidt Procedure
F.J. Maldonado (Mexico) and M.T. Manry (USA)
389-071 Computational Methods for Identifying Number of Clusters in Gene Expression Data
H. Ressom, D. Wang, and P. Natarajan (USA)
389-073 Implementation of a Virtual-Instrument for Non-intrusive Intelligent Real-time Load Monitoring
S.C. Chen and H.T. Yang (Taiwan)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
361-045 Design and Implementation Issues in Agent-oriented Knowledge Base
R. Lu, S. Zhang, H. Zeng, and H. Liu (PRC)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics covered in this publication include: Intelligent Agents and Theory; Hardware Implementations and Control; Hybrid Systems and Fuzzy Logic; Neural Networks and Applications; and Evolutionary Computing and Data Mining.

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