Neural Modelling and Control of the Offset Printing Process

A. Verikas, L. Bergman, K. Malmqvist, and M. Bacauskiene (Sweden)


-- Neural modelling, Neural control, Neural network committee, Offset lithographic printing


--In this paper, we present an approach to neu ral modelling and control of the offset lithographic print ing process. A committee of neural networks is trained to measure the printing process output--the observable variables. From only one measurement the trained com mittee is capable of estimating the actual relative amount of each cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks dispersed on paper in the measuring area. The obtained measure ments are then further used by a neural model predictive control unit for generating control signals to compensate for colour deviation in offset newspaper printing. The experimental investigations performed have shown that the system developed achieves a higher printing process control accuracy than that usually obtained by the press operator.

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