Applications of Expert Systems to the Design of Telecommunication Networks

I. Monedero, C. León, R. Denda, S. Muñoz, F. Pérez, and J. Luque (Spain)


telecommunication networks, expert system, HFCnetwork, GIS.1.-


Telecommunication networks have evolved in time thanks to the advances produced by the new technologies and especially, Internet. Expert systems are being applied in management of telecommunication networks because of the necessity of satisfying the demands of the several services of telecommunication. Expert systems applied to their design are an especially interesting and currently little-used field. In this paper we propose an expert system based on rules called Datacab and developed At Enditel Endesa3 in collaboration with the Electronic Technology Department of the University of Seville, for the design of a HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) cable network. It uses as input data from a GIS (Geographic Information System) and obtains a design for the network.

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