A New Approach for Intelligent Control of Non-linear Dynamic Plants using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

P. Melin and O. Castillo (Mexico)


Intelligent Control, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks


We describe in this paper adaptive model-based control of non-linear plants using type-2 fuzzy logic and neural networks. First, the general concept of adaptive model based control is described. Second, the use of type-2 fuzzy logic for adaptive control is described. Third, a neuro-fuzzy approach is proposed to learn the parameters of the fuzzy system for control. A specific non-linear plant is used to test the hybrid approach for adaptive control. A specific plant was used as test bed in the experiments. The non-linear plant that was considered is the "Pendubot", which is a non-linear plant similar to the two-link robot arm. The results of the type-2 fuzzy logic approach for control were good, both in accuracy and efficiency.

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