Sexual Selection with Competitive/Co-operative Operators for Genetic Algorithms

J. Sánchez-Velazco and J.A. Bullinaria (UK)


Genetic Algorithms, Sexual Selection, Evolutionary Com putation


In a standard genetic algorithm (GA), individuals repro duce asexually: any two organisms may be parents in crossover. Gender separation and sexual selection here in spire a model of gendered GA in which crossover takes place only between individuals of opposite sex and the GA's evaluation, selection, and mutation strategies depend on gender. Consequently, a pattern of cross-gender co operation and intra-gender competition emerges. A sym biotic relation between the selection and crossover opera tors also arises. Experimental results prove this strategy to be advantageous, significantly outperforming the stan dard GA, both in number of generations required and in the quality of solutions.

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