Software Engineering and Applications    (SEA 2008)

November 16 – 18, 2008
Orlando, Florida, USA
Editor(s): T. Khoshgoftaar
224 pages
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Track Testing and Verification FreeSubscription
632-027 A Testing Framework for Real-Time Specifications
C. Dai and S.D. Bruda (Canada)
632-029 Formal Specification of Some Important Operators on Extended Algebraic Automata
N.A. Zafar, A. Hussain, and A. Ali (Pakistan)
632-030 A Validating Method for Embedded Safety System in Automotive based on AUTOSAR
H. Moon, J. Choi, Y. Kim, S. Shin, and K. Kim (Korea)
632-041 Challenging Automatic Test Case Generation Tools with Real World Applications
S.J. Galler, B. Peischl, and F. Wotawa (Austria)
632-805 Deadlock Detection with Stubborn Unfoldings
H. Wang and U. Buy (USA)
632-807 Enforcing Safety Properties in Web Applications using Petri Nets
L. Grigore and U. Buy (USA)
Track Security in Sotware Engineering FreeSubscription
632-016 Realizing Knock-Out Effect and Parent Mitigation Power for Detailed Attack Patterns: A Case Study
P.H. Engebretson and J.J. Pauli (USA)
632-018 On the Engineering of Survivable Systems
G. Simco, F.J. Mitropoulos, and S. Farhat (USA)
632-081 Vulnerability based Risk Assessment for Multiple Component Software Systems in Web based Applications
Yong Wang, W. Lively, and D. Simmons (USA)
Track Software Architecture and User Interface FreeSubscription
632-031 Automatically Creating Graphical User Interfaces using Extended senseGUI Library
M. Trzaska (Poland)
632-035 Defining the Output of a Software Architecture Process
M. Galster (Canada), A. Eberlein (UAE), and M. Moussavi (Canada)
632-036 A Modular Event-based Architecture for Workflow Systems
M. Najafi and K. Sartipi (Canada)
632-054 ALIAS: A Set of Abstract Languages for User Interface Assembly
A.-M. Dery-Pinna, C. Joffroy, P. Renevier, M. Riveill, and C. Vergoni (France)
Track Quality Assurance and Management FreeSubscription
632-013 Bug Detection through Static Analysis of MSIL
V. Channakeshava, S. Chavan, and V. Shanbhag (India)
632-073 Accidents WITHOUT Essence - The Root Cause of Project Failure
J. Zhu (USA)
632-802 Measuring Quality Metrics for Object Oriented Multidimensional Conceptual Data Model
A. Sarkar, S. Choudhury, N. Chaki, and S. Bhattacharya (India)
632-811 Using COPAR to Facilitate Quick Distribution of Disaster Relief
J.M. Crichlow, S. Hartley (USA), and M. Hosein (Trinidad)
Track Software Tools FreeSubscription
632-042 Using a Combination of Measurement Tools to Extract Metrics from Open Source Projects
N.S.A.A. Bakar and C. Boughton (Australia)
632-051 Run-Time Binary Code Patching and its Application
K. Ootsu, T. Yokota, and T. Baba (Japan)
632-071 Simulation Environment P2PNetSim and a Preliminary Evaluation of its Performance in a Parallel Architecture
M. Rojas and H. Unger (Germany)
632-077 The Referent Tracking System as a Peer 2 Peer Application
S. Manzoor, W. Ceusters, R. Rudnicki, and R. Arp (USA)
632-080 Model-Driven Prototyping Support for Pervasive Health Care Applications
W. Kurschl, S. Mitsch, and J. Schoenboeck (Austria)
632-082 Towards Aspects as an Integration Mechanism in Software Engineering Environments
E.Y. Nakagawa and J.C. Maldonado (Brazil)
Track Web Services, Agents, and Data Modelling FreeSubscription
632-009 Application of Multi-Agent Systems to Disaster Relief using Q-Learning
M. Xie and K. Okazaki (Japan)
632-033 Organization and Retrieval in Affectively Annotated K-Line Indexed Media Repositories
A.A. Toptis and A. Dubitski (Canada)
632-062 Implementing Complex Relationships
J. Dullea and A. Ravella (USA)
632-065 A System Development Method based on a Service Independent Interaction Model
M. Amakawa, S. Ogata, and S. Matsuura (Japan)
632-069 Model-Driven Development of Access Control Policies for Web Services
C. Emig, S. Kreuzer, S. Abeck, J. Biermann, and H. Klarl (Germany)
632-076 Behavior-Driven Design Pattern Recovery
K. Sartipi and L. Hu (Canada)
632-803 Proposing an Effort Estimation Model for Complex Web Applications
S.M. Tawfik, H.F. Kassem, and C. Irgens (Egypt)
Track Software Engineering Methodology FreeSubscription
632-032 XP Support for Agile Principles and Software Development
H.M. Haddad and O.M. Olagbegi (USA)
632-034 Timing, Precedence, and Resource Constraints in the RealSpec Real-Time Specification Language
A.A. Khwaja and J.E. Urban (USA)
632-050 Lessons Learned from a Corporate Application of Construction by Configuration in Procter & Gamble
L. Veláquez, K. Domínquez, and M. Pérez (Venezuela)
632-060 A Memory Allocator for Efficient Task Communications by using RPC Channels in an Embedded Component System
T. Azumi, H. Oyama, and H. Takada (Japan)
632-061 A User-Centric Communication Middleware for CVM
Y. Wu, A.A. Allen, F. Hernandez, Yingbo Wang, and P.J. Clarke (USA)
632-066 Towards Uncertainty Management in COTS-based Development
H. Ibrahim, B.H. Far (Canada), and A. Eberlein (UAE)
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The topics covered include but are not limited to: Software Design and Development - * Software Requirements * Software Architecture * Software Methodologies * Software Algorithms * Software Design * Software Performance Engineering * Software Performance Model Building * Software Development * Object-Oriented Analysis and Design * Software Engineering * Software Maintenance * Software Testing * Software Metrics * Software Project Management * Distributed Software Management Software Tools and Techniques - * Software Tools * Software Agents * Data visualization * Intelligent Agents * Programming Languages * Modelling Languages * Compilers * Internet Computing * Web-based Software Engineering * Logic Programming * Artificial Intelligence Applications * Formal Methods * Framework Techniques * Graphical User Interfaces * Visualization * Modelling and Simulation Software Security, Optimization and Standardization - * Security * Fault Tolerance * Reliability * Software Evaluation * Verification and Validation * Quality Assurance * Optimization * Reusability * Software Prototyping * Software Re-Engineering * Software Standards * Software Protocols * Software Product Lines * Copyright Issues Databases and Data Mining - * Database Algorithms * Database Design * Database Languages * Data Warehousing * Object-Oriented Databases * Database Management Systems * Data Mining * Query Optimization * Expert Systems * Knowledge-based Systems Software Engineering Applications - * Parallel and Distributed Systems * Real Time Systems * Mobile and Wireless Computing * Communication Networks * Multimedia Systems * e-Commerce * m-Commerce * Web-based Simulation * Business Process Re-Engineering * Embedded Systems Programming * Cooperative Work Support * Workflow Modelling * Medical Informatics * Computer Graphics * Education * Others

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