Using a Combination of Measurement Tools to Extract Metrics from Open Source Projects

N.S.A.A. Bakar and C. Boughton (Australia)


Complexity, CBO, fanout, parameters, post-delivery defects


Software measurement can play a major role in ensuring the quality and reliability of software products. The measurement activities require appropriate tools to collect relevant metric data. Currently, there are several such tools available for software measurement. The main objective of this paper is to provide some guidelines in using a combination of multiple measurement tools especially for products built using object-oriented techniques and languages. In this paper, we highlight three tools for collecting metric data, in our case from several Java-based open source projects. Our research is currently based on the work of Card and Glass, who argue that design complexity measures (data complexity and structural complexity) are indicators/predictors of procedural/cyclomatic complexity (decision counts) and errors (discovered from system tests). Their work was centered on structured design and our work is with object oriented designs and the metrics we use parallel those of Card and Glass, being, Henry and Kafura’s Information Flow Metrics, McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity, and Chidamber and Kemerer Object-oriented Metrics.

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