ALIAS: A Set of Abstract Languages for User Interface Assembly

A.-M. Dery-Pinna, C. Joffroy, P. Renevier, M. Riveill, and C. Vergoni (France)


Graphical User Interfaces, User Interface Composition, User Interface Description Language


LANGUAGES FOR USER INTERFACE ASSEMBLY Anne–Marie Dery–Pinna, Cédric Joffroy, Philippe Renevier, Michel Riveill, Christophe Vergoni Equipe Rainbow, Laboratoire I3S, CNRS 930, route des Colles BP 145 06903 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, FRANCE {pinna, joffroy, renevier, riveill, vergoni} ABSTRACT Users’ devices and users’ web services constitute a chang ing environment, leading to needs for User Interface (UI) and service adaptations. As User Interface and services are separately developed, we propose an approach to abstract User Interface into a set of abstract languages (XML di alects) which describes different specific parts of a User Interface. The main goal of this set of languages is to com pose heterogeneous User Interface in view to concretize the result in an existing language like Xaml or Flex.

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