Towards Aspects as an Integration Mechanism in Software Engineering Environments

E.Y. Nakagawa and J.C. Maldonado (Brazil)


Software tool, integration in software engineering environ ment, software documentation, aspect-oriented develop ment


Tools and Software Engineering Environments (SEEs) have positively impacted in the software development pro cess and, as a consequence, in the software quality and pro ductivity. In this context, reuse, evolution and mainly inte gration of these tools and environments have been one of the major challenges. In spite of the diversity of works in vestigating integration in SEEs, there is not yet a consensus about the more adequate way to deal with integration. In another perspective, Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) has arisen, intending to contribute to development of main tainable and evolvable software systems. In this paper, we have first proposed the use of aspects as integration me chanism in SEEs, in particular, in the context of an aspect oriented architecture for SEEs: the RefASSET (Reference Architecture for Software Engineering Tools). We illus trate the feasibility of this idea presenting the integration of a documentation tool in testing tools. Positive results have been achieved, which can contribute to the incremental de velopment of integrated and evolvable SEEs.

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