A Memory Allocator for Efficient Task Communications by using RPC Channels in an Embedded Component System

T. Azumi, H. Oyama, and H. Takada (Japan)


Component-based development, Embedded Systems, RPC,


The present paper introduces a memory allocator com ponent, two new keywords of component description, and a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) channel in an embedded component system. The memory allocator component is useful for embedded systems because it is possible to select a suitable memory allocator in a variety of memory alloca tors. The keywords are provided in order to efficiently use memory allocator component. The RPC channel is one of the components used in our component framework to facil itate the transparency of connected components in embed ded systems. By supporting the RPC channel, it is possible to reuse the same component on different communication mechanisms without modification, including multiple task communications on the same or different processors and on networks. The effectiveness of the proposed system is demonstrated.

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