Measuring Quality Metrics for Object Oriented Multidimensional Conceptual Data Model

A. Sarkar, S. Choudhury, N. Chaki, and S. Bhattacharya (India)


Conceptual data model quality, Multidimensional data model metrics, Multidimensional data model, Graph data model, Object oriented metrics and Software measurement.


Design of efficient data warehouse may be done only on a good conceptual model. Hence, quality measurement of the conceptual level multidimensional data models is a crucial issue for next generation database systems. In this paper, a theoretical framework has been proposed for quality measurement of conceptual level object oriented multidimensional data model. A set of quality metrics has been proposed for the purpose of quality measurement of the data model along with their theoretical validation. The paper also describes double-fold viewpoints of quality evaluation. While the designer level viewpoint is identified by the criteria like complexity and completeness and the other aspect is user level viewpoint identified by issues like expressiveness and analyzability.

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