Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation    (ARP 2008)

April 16 – 18, 2008
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Editor(s): A. Daryoush
106 pages
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Track Broadband Antennas FreeSubscription
616-015 Ultra Wideband Double Rhombus Antenna with a 180 Degree Phase Shifter
A.A. Eldek (USA)
616-053 Ultra Wideband Fractal Antenna Design
A. Azari and J. Rowhani (Iran)
616-055 A Semi-Elliptic Slot Antenna for Ultra Wide Band Systems
M. Gopikrishna, D.D. Krishna, and C.K. Aanandan (India)
616-056 A Compact Wideband Koch Fractal Printed Slot Antenna for WLAN Applications
D.D. Krishna, M. Gopikrishna, and C.K. Aanandan (India)
Track Radar and Smart Antenna Systems FreeSubscription
616-011 Implementation of Range Doppler Algorithm for Spaceborn SAR by Compensating Range Cell Migration
S. Hamidi and M.A. Masnadi-Shirazi (Iran)
616-033 Analysis of Fast Adaptive MI-NLMS Beamforming Algorithm for Smart Antenna System
M.T. Islam and N. Misran (Malaysia)
Track Array Antennas FreeSubscription
616-025 A Novel UWB Stepped-Trapezoidal Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications
A.A. Alshehri, A.R. Sebak, and T.A. Denidni (Canada)
616-038 A Design Analysis of Wideband Antenna with a Folded Patch Feed
N. Misran, M.T. Islam, M.N. Shakib, and M.I. Ahmed (Malaysia)
616-040 Control and Topological Optimization of a Large Multibeam Array Antenna
T. Touya and D. Auroux (France)
Track Applications of Array Antennas FreeSubscription
616-043 The Use of a Microstrip Yagi Array as a Solution for Beam Steering Applications
G.R. DeJean (USA)
616-050 Planar Microstrip Antenna Element and 2-by-2 Sub-Array for Satellite TV Receivers
E.A. Soliman (Egypt), A.M. Affandi, and K.H. Badr (Saudi Arabia)
Track Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling FreeSubscription
616-006 Canyon Effect of Road Side Trees in VHF/UHF Bands
A. Aissa, T. Ezzedine, and R. Bouallegue (Tunisia)
616-007 Some Features of Statistical Characteristics of Scattered Radiation by Turbulent Plasma Layer
G.V. Jandieri (Georgia), V.G. Jandieri (Japan), T.D. Kaladze, Zh.M. Diasamidze, M.R. Diasamidze, M.I. Davitadze, I.G. Takidze, and I.S. Surmanidze (Georgia)
616-037 Reverberation Chamber as a Synthesis Instrument for Rayleigh and Rice Channels
E. Amador, G.Y. Delisle, and D. Grenier (Canada)
Track Target Characterization FreeSubscription
616-018 Modeling and Characterization of Rubber Composites using Microwave Non-Destructive Testing Technique
Z. Awang, K. Ismail, and C.M.S. Said (Malaysia)
616-019 RFID Signal Analysis of Bow Tie Tag Antenna in the Vicinity of Metal
M. Nikkari, T. Björninen, L. Sydänheimo, L. Ukkonen, and M. Kivikoski (Finland)
616-030 A 77-GHz FMCW Radar System based on an RF Frontend Manufactured in a Silicon-Germanium Technology
C. Wagner, R. Feger, A. Stelzer, A. Haderer, A. Fischer, and H. Jaeger (Austria)
616-042 Human Identifications using Micro-Doppler Signatures
Y. Yang and C. Lu (USA)
Track Radar Target Tracking and Classification FreeSubscription
616-001 Velocity Measurement of Fast Moving Object in Space using FFT
N. Agrawal and M.P. Singh (India)
616-002 Trajectory Estimation of Moving Object in Space
N. Agrawal and M.P. Singh (India)
616-057 Low Resolution Radar Missile Identification via AR Modelling
E. Bluhm and N.H. Younan (USA)
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Antennas and Antenna Arrays - * Smart Antennas * Micro Strip Antennas * Antenna-Coupled Infrared Detectors * Micro Machined Monolithic Antennas * Phased-Array Antennas * Fractal Element Antennas * Reflector Antennas * Beam Scanning Capability * Photonics in Antenna Systems * MEMS Components * Modelling * Performance Evaluation; Radar - * SAR / ISAR * Chaotic Signal Radar * MTI Radar * STAP * Super-Resolution Algorithms * Multiple Hypothesis Tracking * Beam Forming * Detection and Target ID Algorithms * Signal Processing * Radar Imaging; Wave Propagation - * Satellite Propagation * Atmospheric Propagation * Indoor and Urban Propagation * Audio Propagation in Cellular Networks * Scattering, Diffraction, and Diversity * Wave Penetration * Bio-Electromagnetics; Materials and Structures - * Microwave Materials * Electromagnetic Properties of Materials * Metamaterials * Periodic Structures * Band-Gap Structures * FSS * RF-MEMS * Waveguides * RF Circuit Components; Microwave Metrology - * Instruments and Techniques for Measuring Impedance * Noise * Power * Time * Frequency * Voltage * Current * Scattering Parameters * Biological Effects; Computational Electromagnetics - * Propagation Modelling * Scattering and Inverse Scattering Problems * CAD * Channel Modelling * Meshing Strategy * Multipole Methods * Method of Moments * Wavelet-based Methods * Finite Element Analysis.

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