Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Applications    (SPPRA 2006)

February 15 – 17, 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
329 pages
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Track Detection and Estimation FreeSubscription
520-012 Model Recognition for Estimation of Direction of Arrival using Extended Kalman Filter
K. Radhakrishnan, A. Unnikrishnan, and K.G. Balakrishnan (India)
520-042 An Efficient Subspace Approximation Method based on Multi-Stage Wiener Filter
Z. Bao, S. Wu, and L. Zhang (PRC)
520-047 Acoustic Source Localization for Human Computer Interaction
L. Xiao, T. Collins, and Y. Sun (UK)
520-083 Robust Detection of Sources based on Clustering in Spatially Correlated Noise Fields
Z. Bao, B. Han, and S. Wu (PRC)
520-152 A Performance Comparison of Estimation Filters for Adaptive Imagery Tracking
J. Cruz, J. Pedroza, L. Altamirano, and I. Olivera (Mexico)
520-153 Adaptive Sizing Tracking based on Probabilistic Methods
N. Barrón, J. Cruz, and L. Altamirano (Mexico)
520-815 A Fast Algorithm of Address Lines Extraction on Complex Chinese Mail Pieces
T. Liu, X. Ding, Q. Fu (PRC), and Z. Ren (Germany)
520-818 A Video Surveillance System under Varying Environmental Conditions
M.D. Jain and S.N. Pradeep (India)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
520-006 Histogram Clustering and Hybrid Classifier for Handwritten Arabic Characters Recognition
M. Syiam, T.M. Nazmy, A.E. Fahmy, H. Fathi, and K. Ali (Egypt)
520-011 Structure Function and Empirical Mode Decomposition based Feature Extraction Method for Radar Pulse Sequences
Q. Guo, X. Zhang, Z. Li, and Y. Zhang (PRC)
520-017 Texture Analysis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Cysts in CT Images
D. Smutek (Japan, Czech Republic), A. Shimizu, H. Kobatake, S. Nawano (Japan), and L. Tesar (Czech Republic)
520-019 Crypto Key Generation using Contour Graph Algorithm
M.S. Al-Tarawneh, L.C. Khor, W.L. Woo, and S.S. Dlay (UK)
520-055 Design of MIMO Communication Systems using Tapped Delay Line Structure in Receiver Side for STBC Transmission under Frequency Selective Fading
T. Taniguchi, H.H. Pham, N.X. Tran, and Y. Karasawa (Japan)
520-074 A New Uncompressed-Domain Video Watermarking Approach Robust to H.264/AVC Compression
D. Pröfrock, M. Schlauweg, and E. Müller (Germany)
520-094 Iterative Channel Estimation and Equalization of STBC-OFDM System over Time-Varying ISI Channels
M. Hassan, B. Sharif, and W.L. Woo (UK)
520-097 3D Active Doppler Tracking in Air using Kalman Filter
Y. Sun, T. Collins, and L. Xiao (UK)
520-100 Combining Fingerprint Matchers based on D-S Evidence Theory
X. Zhao, Y. Wang, and Z. Shi (PRC)
520-103 A Non-Parametric Classification Strategy for Remotely Sensed Images using Both Spectral and Textural Information
M. Kumar and D.A. Miller (USA)
520-801 A License Plate Locating Algorithm based on Multiple Gauss Filters and Morphology Mathematics
Z. Ma and J. Yang (PRC)
Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
520-008 Texture Discrimination and Analysis using Optimized Bi-Orthogonal Wavelet Bases
M.A. Chaudhry, M.N. Jafri, M. Mufti, and M. Akbar (Pakistan)
520-038 3D Expressive Face Model-based Tracking Algorithm
M. Anisetti, V. Bellandi, E. Damiani, and F. Beverina (Italy)
520-052 Hand as Natural Man-Machine Interface in Smart Environments
W. Xie, E.K. Teoh, R. Venkateswarlu, and X. Chen (Singapore)
520-081 Relevance Feedback based on Query Refining and Feature Database Updating in CBIR System
Yufeng Zhao, Yao Zhao, and Z. Zhu (PRC)
520-084 Using Surface Extended Polar Map (SEPMAP) for Surface Matching and Scale Factor Estimation
E.E. Hemayed (UAE)
520-110 Adaptive Beamforming and Particle Filtering
S. Benton, A. Spanias, K. Tu, H. Thornburg, G. Qian, and T. Rikakis (USA)
520-149 A New Foveal Cartesian Geometry Approach used for Object Tracking
J. Martínez and L. Altamirano (Mexico)
520-805 Resolving Complex Occlusions of Objects during Tracking using Region based Segmentations
A.J. Sindhu and T. Morris (UK)
Track Signal Analysis and Processing FreeSubscription
520-010 Wavelet Codebook Design using Genetic Algorithm for Text Independent Speaker Recognition
S.-Y. Lung (Taiwan)
520-014 Speaker Recognition and Broad Phonetic Groups
M. Antal and G. Toderean (Romania)
520-021 A Stochastic Unbiased Minimum Mean Error Rate Algorithm for Decision Feedback Equalizers
R.Y. Yen (Taiwan), M.T. Cha (Malaysia), and M.-H. Young (Taiwan)
520-046 Time Series Extrapolation using Hierarchical Case-based Reasoning
Y. Tang (PRC)
520-065 Online Prefix-Free Encoding Algorithm
N. Punthong and A. Surarerks (Thailand)
520-071 Phase Estimation of Minimum Phase Systems using the Hartley Phase Cepstrum
E. Chilton and E. Hassanain (UK)
520-072 Gaussian Process Modelling as an Indicator of Neonatal Seizure
S. Faul, G. Gregorčič, G. Boylan, W. Marnane, G. Lightbody, and S. Connolly (Ireland)
520-093 Robust Speech Recognition with Nonstationary Noise
D. Zhang and C. Xie (PRC)
520-127 A Comprehensive Analysis for Relevance Feedback in CBIR System
X. Xie, Y. Zhao, and Z. Zhu (PRC)
520-155 Denoising of Aerial Imagery using Higher-Order Statistics
S.P. Kozaitis (USA)
Track Audio and Video Compression FreeSubscription
520-003 Fast Estimation of Optimal Sparseness of Music Signals
A. la Cour-Harbo (Denmark)
520-016 Automatic Lip-Synchronization using Linear Prediction of Speech
C.J. Kohnert and S.K. Semwal (USA)
520-029 Cepstrum Interpolation towards Robust Speech Recognition over the Phone
H. Zhang and J. Xu (Singapore)
520-030 Modified SAFIA Utilizing Aggregated Microphones
M. Matsumoto and S. Hashimoto (Japan)
520-057 An Image Segmentation Method for Function Approximation of Gradation Images
K. Miyamoto, T. Kamina, T. Sugiyama, K. Kameyama, and K. Toraichi (Japan)
520-092 Combined Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification over the Fixed and Mobile Telephone Networks
A. Kounoudes, A. Antonakoudi, V. Kekatos, and P. Peleties (Cyprus)
520-095 Time-Frequency Analysis for Voice Activity Detection
T.V. Pham, M. Képesi, G. Kubin, L. Weruaga (Austria), M. Sigmund, and T. Dostál (Czech Republic)
520-124 Cutting Across Visual MPEG Standards for Video Scalability
T. Shanableh (UAE)
520-809 Multiresolution Estimates of Classification Complexity and Multiple Subspace Classifiers for Understanding and Solving Complex Recognition Tasks
S. Singh, V. Kumar, and M. Singh (UK)
520-810 Visual Information Retrieval: Minerva Video Benchmark
W. Ren, P. Weal, M. Singh, and S. Singh (UK)
Track Image Analysis FreeSubscription
520-048 Detecting Differences between Photographs and Computer Generated Images
J. Wu, M.V. Kamath, and S. Poehlman (Canada)
520-051 Image Resolution Conversion by Optimized Adaptation of Interpolation Kernels
A. Fujii, K. Kameyama, T. Kamina, Y. Ohmiya, and K. Toraichi (Japan)
520-059 Directional Edge Tracking for Line Extraction
K.-S. Seo, J.-H. Kim, E.-J. Park, and H.-M. Choi (Korea)
520-060 Point Symmetry based Corner Detector with Distance and Phase Weight Functions
E.-J. Park, J.-H. Kim, K.-S. Seo, and H.-M. Choi (Korea)
520-062 Local and Global Tree Graph Structures for Fingerprint Verification
S.N. Pradeep, M.D. Jain, R. Balasubramanian, and R. Bhargava (India)
520-067 ANN based Adaptive Thresholding for Impulse Detection
B. Majhi, P.K. Sa, and G.K. Panda (India)
520-070 Classification of Hemodynamics from Perfusion MR Brain Images using Noiseless Independent Factor Analysis
Y.-C. Chou, M.M.H. Teng, W.-Y. Guo, J.-C. Hsieh, and Y.-T. Wu (Taiwan)
520-102 Characterization of Small Molecular Islands of Carbon Chains Self-Assembled on Silicon
F. Robert-Inacio and L. Patrone (France)
520-148 Hidden Markov Random Field and Frame Modelling for TCA Image Analysis
K. Streso and F. Lagona (Germany)
520-154 Visual Blending using 2D Morphing
S.K. Semwal (USA), J. Ohya (Japan), I. Semwal, and B. Bikker (USA)
520-811 Machine Assessment of Shape Copying Tests using Zernike Moment Descriptors
A. Naftel, A. Throuvalas, and G. Evans (UK)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
520-117 Image Compression using Wavelet Packet Tree based on Threshold Entropy
G.K. Kharate, A.A. Ghatol, and P.P. Rege (India)
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This publication covers the following topics: Detection and Estimation; Applications; Computer Vision; Signal Analysis and Processing; Audio and Video Compression; and Image Analysis.

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