Crypto Key Generation using Contour Graph Algorithm

M.S. Al-Tarawneh, L.C. Khor, W.L. Woo, and S.S. Dlay (UK)


Biometric, Fingerprint, Minutiae, Contouring, Adjacency matrix, String matching, Security.


Cryptography and biometrics have been identified as two of the most important aspects of digital security environment, for various types of security problems the merging between cryptography and biometrics has led to the development of Bio-Crypto technology. In this paper we propose a cryptography key generating methodology based on graph construction and adjacency matrix of extracted minutiae. The formation of graph relies on contour division of minutiae points area. Minutiae points area is studied on both scenarios (with singular point, and without singular point detection). Results show that with singular point detection the average of minutiae points area dimension is less than in the other case and at some points of threshold, it show an improvement performance comparing to the other one. 100% uniqueness key was achieved on both cases.

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