Design of MIMO Communication Systems using Tapped Delay Line Structure in Receiver Side for STBC Transmission under Frequency Selective Fading

T. Taniguchi, H.H. Pham, N.X. Tran, and Y. Karasawa (Japan)


MIMO, space-time block code (STBC), frequency selec tive fading, tapped delay line (TDL).


This paper presents a MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Out put) system adopting tapped delay line (TDL) structure in the receiver for the broadband communication using STBC (Space-Time Block Coding) scheme under FSF. The sys tem fully utilizes the received signal and its complex conju gated version, and two weights corresponding to each sym bol in data block of STBC work in pair to extract their own target. Those weights are determined based on the max imum SINR (Signal to noise plus interference) criterion. The proposed method have an ability to take in the desired signal contained in delayed wave without help of data ex tension, and this advantage is veriļ¬ed through computer simulations.

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