Local and Global Tree Graph Structures for Fingerprint Verification

S.N. Pradeep, M.D. Jain, R. Balasubramanian, and R. Bhargava (India)


Tree Graph, minutiae, fingerprint verification, structure matching


We introduce fingerprint verification, one of the most reliable personal identification methods in the biometric technology. In this paper, a new approach to the fingerprint verification based on tree graph construction is presented. Initially we find all possible minutiae points, followed by two levels of matching. At the first level match a local tree graph structure (LTGS) is constructed for each minutia considering its nearest points. Through matching of these tree graphs for each minutia, we get a reference point in the fingerprint. Using this reference point, in the second level match we construct a global tree graph structure (GTGS) spread in four quadrants to reliably determine the uniqueness of fingerprint. Therefore, tree graphs constructed using local and global features of minutiae together provide a solid basis for reliable and robust matching. With several fingerprint images, we tested our proposed verification system and the experimental results shows that the performance of our algorithm is good.

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