Texture Analysis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Cysts in CT Images

D. Smutek (Japan, Czech Republic), A. Shimizu, H. Kobatake, S. Nawano (Japan), and L. Tesar (Czech Republic)


applications, medicine, texture analysis, CT images, liver lesions


The objective of this work is developing a computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) system for focal liver lesions in CT images. The texture analysis methods are used for the classification of hepatocellular cancer and liver cysts. CT contrast enhanced images of 20 adult subjects with hepatocellular carcinoma or with non-parasitic solitary liver cyst were used as entry data. A total number of 130 spatial and second-order probabilistic texture features were computed from the images. Ensemble of Bayes classifiers was used for the tissue classification. Classification success rate was as high as 100% when estimated by leave-one-out method. This high success rate was achieved with as few as one optimal descriptive feature representing the average deviation of horizontal curvature computed from original pixel gray levels. This promising result allows further amplification of this approach in distinguishing more types of liver diseases from CT images.

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