Communications and Computer Networks    (CCN 2005)

October 24 – 26, 2005
Marina del Rey, USA
Editor(s): M.Y. Sanadidi
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Track Sensor Networks FreeSubscription
491-066 A Unified Networking Scheme for Sensor Networks in a Heterogeneous Data Collection System
T. Fujiwara (Japan)
491-088 Data Dissemination with Resource Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Kimura, V. Jolly, and S. Latifi (USA)
491-107 Optimal Allocation of Pooled Servers for Situation Awareness Applications
U.C. Kozat, M.A. Fecko, and S. Samtani (USA)
491-126 An Adaptive Sleep Protocol for Environment Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks
Y. Guo and J. McNair (USA)
Track Security FreeSubscription
491-023 A Comparison of Random Elliptic Curves and Finite Fields Suitable for Cryptography
M.S.H. Kuroda and D.C.C. Bover (USA)
491-027 Circumventing IP-Address Pseudonymization
T. Brekne and A. Årnes (Norway)
491-090 An Unconditionally Secure Multi-Round Revocation Scheme using Secret Sharing
M. Yang (PRC)
491-138 Of Unicorns and Random Programs
A. Yasinsac and J.T. McDonald (USA)
491-805 An ID-based Non-Interactive Tripartite Key Agreement Protocol with K-Resilience
R. Tso, T. Okamoto, T. Takagi, and E. Okamoto (Japan)
Track Congestion and Flow Control FreeSubscription
491-048 Throughput and Fairness Performance of Multiple STT-Vegas Connections
H. Zhou, Z. Zhang, and J. Leis (Australia)
491-059 A Novel Generalized Particle Approach to Optimize ATM Networks
D. Shuai, R. Gong, X. Wang, and R. Liu (PRC)
491-128 Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Multicast Flow Control Mechanism for Wired-Wireless Networks
J.C. Sanchez-Aarnoutse, P. Manzanares-Lopez, J. Malgosa-Sanahuja, and J. Garcia-Haro (Spain)
491-132 Understanding Highspeed TCP: A Control-Theoretic Perspective
B. Sonkoly, T.A. Trinh, and S. Molnár (Hungary)
Track Ad Hoc Networks FreeSubscription
491-047 Architecture for Information Dissemination in Wireless Emergency Management
B. Falchuk, A. Hafid, and N. Natarajan (USA)
491-061 A Framework for Multicast and Quality based Forwarding in Manets
T. Bachran, H.H.-J. Bongartz, and A. Tiderko (Germany)
491-070 A Probability Collectives Approach to Weighted Clustering Algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks
G.S. Ryder and K.G. Ross (USA)
491-098 Generalization of Critical Transmission Range for Connectivity to Wireless Multihop Network Models Including Interference
H.M. Koskinen (Finland)
491-106 Random-Walk based Analysis of Virtual Backbone in Manets
İ. Hökelek, M.Ü. Uyar, and M.A. Fecko (USA)
491-108 New Analytical Results on Ad Hoc Network Connectivity
A. Faragó (USA)
491-131 CCID: Core Construction for Information Dissemination in Ad Hoc Scenario
G. Das (India), M. Fazio, M. Villari, and A. Puliafito (Italy)
491-134 Trading-Off Consumption of Routing and Precision of Membership in Ad Hoc Networks
J.C. García, M.-C. Bañuls, P. Galdámez, and R. Quintero (Spain)
491-807 A Hierarchical Virtual-Backbone Routing Approach in Ad Hoc Networks
H. Sreenivas and H.H. Ali (USA)
Track Optical Communications FreeSubscription
491-041 A Heuristic Algorithm for Survivable Mapping in IP-Over-WDM Networks
L. Ruan and C. Liu (USA)
491-075 A Heuristic Search based Optimal Wavelength Assignment Algorithm to Minimize the Number of Sonet ADMs in WDM Rings
J. Sethuraman, A. Mahanti, and D. Saha (India)
491-077 Network Survivability Performance Evaluation using Fault Trees
M. Keshtgary, A.H. Jahangir (Iran), and A.P. Jayasumana (USA)
491-101 Multicasting and All-to-All Personalized Communication Algorithms in Optical Multistage Interconnection Networks
T. Tajimi, T. Sasama, and H. Masuyama (Japan)
491-139 Shared Path Protection in Multi-Domain Optical Mesh Networks
B. Thiongane and D.L. Truong (Canada)
Track 3G and 4G Systems FreeSubscription
491-042 Time-Slot Re-Allocation for Inter-Frequency and Inter-Rat Handover in 1.28 Mcps TDD for UMTS
J.G. Kim (Korea) and T. Wang (PRC)
491-043 IP RAN Management Architecture and Mechanism in 3G Networks
Y. Ha, W. Park, and S. An (Korea)
491-115 Multi-Layer Call Admission Architecture for Assured QoS in CDMA2000 Packet Data Networks
M. Adeel, W. Mahmood, A.A. Chaudhry, and R. Ahmad (Pakistan)
491-800 Providing End-to-End QoS in 4G Networks
R. Prior, S. Sargento (Portugal), J. Gozdecki (Poland), and R. Aguiar (Portugal)
Track Multimedia Communications FreeSubscription
491-039 Scalable Coding & QoS Control for Next Generation Network
C. Zhang, G. Tu, and W. Yi (PRC)
491-044 Video Traffic Modeling in HSDPA Network Simulation
X. Xu, H. Xu, and R.M. Fricks (USA)
491-103 Efficient Multimedia Transmission in Mobile Network by using PR-SCTP
H. Huang, J. Ou, and D. Zhang (PRC)
491-109 Efficient Client-Transparent Fault Tolerance for Video Conferencing
N. Aghdaie and Y. Tamir (USA)
491-129 Burst Packet Loss Recovery using Variable FEC Matrix for Real-Time Applications over the Internet
M. Hayasaka, M. Gamage, and T. Miki (Japan)
491-802 Caching and Replacement of Streaming Objects based on a Popularity Function
T.S.B. Sudarshan, A. Ganesh, and G. Raghurama (India)
Track Routing and QoS FreeSubscription
491-040 Implementation of an Adaptive Buffering Algorithm to Improve QoS in VOIP
H.R. Nagesh, K.C. Sekaran, and A.R. Kordcal (India)
491-092 A QoS Routing based on End-Users Control in Internet
X. Fan and Y. Tan (PRC)
491-102 Integrating Network QoS with End System Performance in Kernel Pipeline Web Server
S.-S. Li, X.-K. Liao, Y.-S. Tan, and J.-Y. Liu (PRC)
491-104 Continuous Time Assessment and Mapping of User-Level QoS in Audio-Video Transmission over IP Networks
Y. Ito, S. Tasaka, and R. Ito (Japan)
491-136 A Practical Matching of Output Queueing with a 3D-VOQ Switch
D.-J. Tsaur, C.-H. Yu, H.-K. Cheng, C.-C. Wu, and W. Lin (Taiwan)
491-148 A New Efficient Spare Capacity Allocation Algorithm in Self-Healing MPLS Mesh-based Survivable Networks
S. Montazeri, M. Keshtgari, M. Dehghan, and S. Mohrehkesh (Iran)
491-806 Efficient and Fair Hierarchical Packet Scheduling using Dynamic Deficit Round Robin
C.-C. Wu, C. Moh, H.-M. Wu, D.-J. Tsaur, and W. Lin (Taiwan)
Track Wireless Channel Access and Coding FreeSubscription
491-010 Analytical Evaluation of Frequency Domain Equalization for HSDPA in STTD Antenna Diversity Mode
A. Serratore and E. Messina (Italy)
491-021 Global and Sequential Approaches for UMTS Network Design
M. St-Hilaire, S. Chamberland, and S. Pierre (Canada)
491-063 An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Broadcast in Wireless LAN
G. Wang (PRC)
491-065 LDPC-BIBD Coded SISO System with SRK Equalisation Over the Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Channel
M.K. Khan, R.A. Carrasco, and I.J. Wassell (UK)
491-078 On the Simulation, Modeling, and Performance Analysis of an 802.16E Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System
D.T. Chen, N. Natarajan, and Y. Sun (USA)
491-815 New Approach for Random Multiple Access
V. Zagursky and D. Zarumba (Latvia)
491-817 Implementation and Simulation of a Multicarrier System for 4th Generation Mobile Communications
Y. Fernández Somarriba, A. del Barrio Salas, J.L. García García, and A. Herrera Guardado (Spain)
Track Mobile Communications FreeSubscription
491-038 Building Mobile Emergency Announcement Systems in 3G Networks
S. Zhao, R. Addams-Moring, and M. Kekkonen (Finland)
491-050 Low-Cost Direction of Arrival Estimation in TD-SCDMA Receivers with Smart Antennas
A. Seebens (Germany), J. Ann (Korea), A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Burnic (Germany), B.Y. Kim (Korea), T. Scholand, and P. Jung (Germany)
491-052 Implementation Concept of a LCR-TDD Node B with RSS Beamforming Capabilities
A. Seebens, A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Burnic (Germany), K.Y. Jeong (Korea), T. Scholand (Germany), H.W. Lee (Korea), and P. Jung (Germany)
491-053 Performance of RSS Beamforming for TD-SCDMA Transceivers
A. Seebens (Germany), J. Ann (Korea), A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Burnic (Germany), E. Lee (Korea), T. Scholand, and P. Jung (Germany)
491-081 Aligning Mobile P2P Content Sharing Services with a Customer Process
M. Matuszewski and R. Kantola (Finland)
491-123 An Improved Taguchi-Genetic Algorithm Assisted Multiuser Detector for MC-CDMA Systems
H.-L. Hung, S.-H. Lee, and J.-H. Wen (Taiwan)
Track High Speed and Next Generation Networks FreeSubscription
491-025 A Study of License Plate Location based on Mathematical Morphology and Wavelet Transform
F. Yang and Z. Ma (PRC)
491-058 Iterative Convolutional Decoders based on Neural Networks Applications
S.M. Berber and Y.-C. Liu (New Zealand)
491-064 Performance Evaluation of 3D-Interconnect Architectures for Network Line Cards
J. Engel and T. Kocak (USA)
491-080 Flow Based Dynamic Load Balancing for Passive Network Monitoring
U. Lee, J.-S. Park, M.Y. Sanadidi, and M. Gerla (USA)
491-127 IPV6 Deployment Scenarios for Large ISP Networks
I. Miladinovic, K. Umschaden, T. Hoeher, M. Banfield, W. Bauer, and P. Tschulik (Austria)
491-135 On the Evolution of a Naming & Addressing Architecture in View of Dynamic Network Interconnection
C. Prehofer (Germany), N. Papadoglou (UK), and M. Johnsson (Sweden)
491-140 Flexible Route Lookup using Range Search
A. Ehliar and D. Liu (Sweden)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Sensor Networks; Security; Congestion and Flow Control; Ad Hoc Networks; Optical Communications; 3G and 4G Systems; Multimedia Communications; Routing and QoS; Wireless Channel Access and Coding; Mobile Communications; and High Speed and Next Generation Networks.

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