Integrating Network QoS with End System Performance in Kernel Pipeline Web Server

S.-S. Li, X.-K. Liao, Y.-S. Tan, and J.-Y. Liu (PRC)


QoS, pipeline web server, open KETA, adaptive content delivery


With the development of high-speed backbone network, more and more traffic load is pushed to the Internet end system. Many kinds of Web server have been advanced to increase the serving ability. In this paper, we propose a pipeline architecture multi-thread web server open KETA which divides the requests processing into several independent phases. This architecture reduces parallelism granularity and achieve inner-request parallelism. Furthermore, a framework of integrating network QoS with End System QoS is provided in open KETA. In this QoS model, clients and objects with different degree of importance are to receive differentiated service. When server is overloaded, a new adaptive content delivery method is applied to suspend requests refusing. Experimental results show the capability of open KETA and the effectiveness of the QoS model.

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