Caching and Replacement of Streaming Objects based on a Popularity Function

T.S.B. Sudarshan, A. Ganesh, and G. Raghurama (India)


Proxy Caching, Streaming Objects, Replacement Policy, Caching Techniques


With the soaring popularity of the Internet, web-based streaming applications are becoming more and more common. But, due to the enormous size of the multimedia files, the bandwidth has become a significant resource constraint. Hence the need for locally caching the video files is enormous. This paper aims at developing a viable and efficient cache replacement algorithm. We propose a popularity index based algorithm for replacement of video files cached using the two video staging caching algorithms, Cut-off Caching (CC) and Optimal Caching (OC). Replacement is a very significant issue as the size of the data cached is very high. In the proposed algorithm, the videos are replaced based on their popularity. The Hit Ratio is used as a metric for evaluation of the algorithm.

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