Energy and Power Systems    (EPS 2006)

March 29 – 31, 2006
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Editor(s): W. Tayati
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Track Transient Analysis and Electricity Markets FreeSubscription
526-033 Ferroresonant Overvoltage Caused by a Transformer Interacting with Underground Cables
T.P. Tsao and C.C. Ning (Taiwan)
526-038 Power Exchange Game in the Electricity Market
S. Pyykkö, J. Partanen, S. Viljainen, J. Lassila, S. Honkapuro, and K. Tahvanainen (Finland)
526-043 Simulation and Field Experiment for Balance/Imbalance and Transient Caused by Capacitors in Power Systems
Y.-Y. Hong, C.-H. Liu, and C.-F. Chen (Taiwan)
526-045 Methods of Improving the Lightning Performance of 22 kV Circuit Underbuilt on 115 kV Transmission Lines
T. Thanasaksiri (Thailand)
526-050 The Tower Footing Voltage Analysis of Power Lines for Different Soil Properties by using MATLAB Simulink
E. İzgi and A. İnan (Turkey)
526-057 Engineering Approach to Model and Compute Electric Power Markets Settlements
J. Kumar and V. Petrov (USA)
526-084 Generation Scheduling and Wheeling Pricing in Deregulated Power Systems
C.-T. Su, J.-H. Liaw, and J.-H. Wang (Taiwan)
Track Power Quality and Power System Stability FreeSubscription
526-008 Development of Optical Fiber Harmonic Current Sensor
K.-Y. Shen, C.-S. Yu, S.-Y. Lee, S.-C. Wang, W.-B. Liao, C.-D. Cheng, H.-H. Tsai, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)
526-010 Improve Harmonics Analysis by using an Active Filter for Low Voltage Distribution System
C.-C. Wang, M.-C. Wu, and W.-S. Kao (Taiwan)
526-021 Robust Design of Power System Stabilizer: An LMI Approach
H. Bevrani and T. Hiyama (Japan)
526-026 PWM-STATCOM System Additionally having Active Filter Function
K. Matsui, H. Kojima, I. Yamamoto, M. Hasegawa, and K. Ando (Japan)
526-030 Probabilistic Calculation of the Nearest Voltage Stability Critical Point
X.H. Zong, Y. Zhang, J.S. Zhang, and Z.G. Wu (PRC)
526-031 Influence of Induction Motor Loads on Transient Voltage Stability of the China Southern Power Grid
J.S. Zhang, Y. Zhang, X.H. Zong, and Z.G. Wu (PRC)
526-092 Observer based Midpoint Voltage Regulation Design of a Power System using an ASVC
W. Subsingha (Thailand)
526-100 Power Quality Assessment and Harmonic Distortion Analysis for Sohar Distribution Network
J.A.B. Younis, A. Ferrah, A. Tami, M. Bouzguenda, and K. Alsaidi (Sultanate of Oman)
526-102 THD Improvement of Variable Frequency Single Phase Inverters
M.S. Zadeh and S. Farhangi (Iran)
526-119 From Power Quality to Perceived Power Quality
M. Caciotta, F. Leccese, and A. Trifiro (Italy)
Track Power System Operation, Control, and Protection FreeSubscription
526-011 Shorter Window DFT based Technique for Fault Current Filtering
C.-S. Yu, S.-Y. Lee, S.-C. Wang, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)
526-054 Fast Substation Service Restoration using Intelligent Petri-Nets Models
H.-T. Yang, P.-C. Peng, and H.-L. Jiang (Taiwan)
526-055 A High-Speed Reclosing Operation with Fault Current Limiter
J. Fujita, T. Iwatsuki, K. Yukita, T. Hosoe, Y. Goto, K. Ichiyanagi, Y. Hoshino, N. Yamamoto, S. Sugimoto (Japan), and V. Avatchanakorn (Thailand)
526-104 Communication-based Fault Handling Scheme for Ungrounded Distribution Systems
X. Yang, S.-I. Lim, S.-J. Lee, and M.-S. Choi (Korea)
526-106 Effects of Communication Network on Reliability of a Wide Area Protection Scheme
C.-L. Su (Taiwan)
526-109 Maintenance Scheduling of Generating Units in a Hydro Power System: A Case Study of EDL Region I
P. Netibanedith (Laos), W. Rattanachuen, and W. Tayati (Thailand)
526-111 Evaluation of Optimal Capacity Benefit Margin on Tie Line between Control Areas
H. Kuraishi and A. Yokoyama (Japan)
526-133 A Random Subsynchronous Resonance in a Turbine Generator Set
J.-I. Tsai, T.-S. Zhan, and R.-C. Wu (Taiwan)
Track New and Renewable Energy for Power Generation FreeSubscription
526-004 Role of Availability based Tariff and Its Reliability in the Distribution of Generated Power under Emerging Electric Power Systems
N.K. Prasad and R. Karthikeyan (India)
526-017 Lyapunov's Stability and Operational Margin of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Modules
C. Rodriguez and G. Amaratunga (UK)
526-049 Experimental Examination of Wind Generator System which Introduced MPPT in Wind Collection Equipment
T. Hosoe, K. Yukita, Y. Goto, and K. Ichiyanagi (Japan)
526-051 MEA Fabrication used in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Fueled by Hydrogen
P. Manomayidthikarn, A. Therdthianwong, and S. Therdthianwong (Thailand)
526-081 A Model for Urban Energy System Design in Consideration of Electric Load Variation in a Specific Area due to PV System Installation
S. Kaewniyompanit, H. Sugihara, and K. Tsuji (Japan)
526-091 Flexible Solar Cells based on Copper Tape: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Structures
S. Bereznev, J. Kois, E. Mellikov, and A. Öpik (Estonia)
526-120 Assessing Photovoltaic Performance using Local Linear Quantile Regression
P.E. McSharry (UK)
526-128 A Study on Integration Hybrid Wind/PV/Battery Renewable Energy Generation System
C.-C. Lin, W.-B. Lin, and K.-K. Chen (Taiwan)
Track Energy Efficiency and Energy Systems FreeSubscription
526-035 A Study for Power Saving in the Stand-by of Active-Clamped Flyback Converter
C.-M. Kim, M.-C.Park, E.-H. Song, J.-H. Kim, and B.-D. Min (Korea)
526-040 Supercritical Water Gasification of Sewage Sludge
L. Aye and D. Yamaguchi (Australia)
526-041 Hydrogen Production from Sewage Sludge by Steam Gasification
L. Aye and P. Klinkajorn (Australia)
526-053 Conflict between Backup Generation and Recloser-Fuse Miscoordination in Reliability Aspect from Distributed Generation
S. Chaitusaney and A. Yokoyama (Japan)
526-108 Electronic Ballast with Energy Saving Control for Ultraviolet Lamp Drives
S.-C. Wang, C.-S. Yu, S.-Y. Lee, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)
526-118 The Impact of Electricity Supply on Economic Growth in Sri Lanka
R. Morimoto and C. Hope (UK)
526-121 Gasoline Consumption in Bolivia: The Impact of Compressed Natural Gas
P.E. McSharry (UK) and K.B. Halvorsen (Bolivia)
Track Power Apparatus and Systems FreeSubscription
526-052 Increasing the Dielectric Breakdown Strength of Polypropylene using Polyaniline Additive
P. Salovaara and K. Kannus (Finland)
526-065 A Novel Model of Arcless On-Load Tap-Changing Transformer and its Simulation
L. Zhang, S. Chen, X. Li, and W. Wang (PRC)
526-069 A Study of Detection of Broken Rotor Bars in Induction Motors using Instantaneous Power
I. Ahmed, N. Ertugrul, and W.L. Soong (Australia)
526-076 Electric Generating Capacity Risk Assessment using Discrete Event Simulation
O. Alsayegh (Kuwait)
526-087 Super High Density Power Module
A. Elbanhawy (USA)
526-089 A Cable Position Sorting Method for the Balance of Current Distribution of Parallel Connected Cables
S.-Y. Lee, C.-S. Yu, S.-C. Wang, and Y.-L. Chen (Taiwan)
526-094 Design of a Single Phase High Voltage DC Power Supply at 15 kV Output using Voltage Doubler Circuit
N. Mariun, K. Anayet, N. Khan, and M. Amran (Malaysia)
526-098 Operation under Alarm Conditions for Gas Turbine Engine Bearings
A.M. Elzahaby, A. Khalil, Z. Zyada, M.M. Elmaadawy, and R.I. Fahmy (Egypt)
526-803 Application of Artificial Neural Network to Transmission Line Faulty Phase Selection and Fault Distance Location
A. Jain, V.S. Kale, and A.S. Thoke (India)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Transient Analysis and Electricity Markets; Power Quality and Power System Stability; Power System Operation, Control and Protection; New and Renewable Energy for Power Generation; Energy Efficiency and Energy Systems; and Power Apparatus and Systems.

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